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Saas Bina Sasural 18th April 2011 Written Update

Nikkis House

Nikkis mom is frantically running around the house making sure that all the gifts are wrapped etc. ( is this the 100th time they changed Nikkis mom). They all are getting ready for the Tilik rasam. Nikkis Dad asks her mom where the sari's are. Nikkis mom tell Nikki to ask Tej why they aren't here yet. Meanwhile at the Sari shop a worker tell Ved the Saris are ready to deliver. Ved is mad and says it took that long. He calls Nikkis house to tell her they are on the way. He also tells Nikki he's sorry for what Pashu said. Nikki's mom interrupts and asks about the saris. Nikki tells her mom that the saris are on the way. Nikki tells Ved to make sure he comes to the Sangeet, everyone should come but especially him cause he is the reason the marriage is happening. He says he will come.

Cruising in Smitas Car

Toastys mom says they have travelled all over the city, went to all the malls, Smita has decided what to get Nikki and I've already got my gift. When are you going to get it? Toasty says she doesn't know yet. Smita asks if her cheap father-in law gave her money to buy a gift. Smita and Toastys mom chuckle. Her mom asks Toasty why is she so sad? Did Pashu say something. Or wait now even Pitaji is here. Toasty gets mad and tells she going to leave then. They say sorry, but its just that she's quiet. She says she doesn't have to be smiling all the time to prove she is happy. Smita tells her to relax and drink some water. She says she's fine.

Smita asks if she brought new clothes for the wedding. Toasty says no she has some already. Smita says what you are going to wear your old clothes. Toasty says no, she has so many clothes and some that she hasn't even worn yet. So it's like they are new. Her mom refuses and says no she will only wear new clothes. I'll buy them. Toasty says no, its okay. Her mom says we bought new clothes for Smita and Nikkis for your marriage, so why can't I buy you some for Nikkis. I [...]

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Samsung Champ Duos now here

There are a wide number of companies that are providing mobile phones in to the Indian mobile market. Among them, Samsung is one of the best mobile manufacturing companies. The company has already launched many mobiles in the Indian mobile market and has got good response from the customers. Samsung has already launched its latest mobile and that is Samsung Champ Duos. The Samsung Champ Duos price in India is Rs. 5080.

The Samsung Champ Duos features are very nice. The mobile is well integrated with many features and those are very attractive. The compacted and the slim design of the mobile is really eye catching. The mobile is also available in many colors. Samsung Champ Duos is a dual SIM supporting mobile and which works on GSM frequencies. The FM radio of the mobile is also provided with recording facility. Music player and video player of the mobile also support many formats and thus the user will remain entertained through out the time. The mobile is also endowed with all types of multimedia functions. The high capacity battery of the mobile also supports long time back up hours. The quality of the display is also nice and the user enjoys better picture quality. Camera of the mobile is also of superb quality.

The Samsung Champ Duos Specifciations are very nice. The mobile is having a dimension of 99.9x 54.9x 12.95mm and a weight of 88g. The light weight of the mobile allows the user to easily carry the mobile to everywhere. The dual SIM mobile operates at better frequencies. The mobile is also provided with 2.6" inch QVGA touchscreen display with good resolutions capacity. The resolution of the display is 240x 320 pixels. A 1.3MP camera is also integrated in the mobile, which allows the user to capture their wonderful moments. Good internet services are also provided in the mobile and thus the user can easily browse and access the internet at any desired time. JAVA is also enabled in the mobile and thus many games can also be operate [...]

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TRAI Recruitment 2011 Advisor (Legal) Telecom Regulatory Authority of India

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Act, 1997, as amended vide the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Amendment) Act, 2000, specifies that the Authority shall consist of a Chairperson and not more than two whole-time Members and not more than two part-time Members. 


Post: Advisor (Legal)

Filling up of the post of Advisor (Legal) on deputation on foreign service terms. 
(Posted On: 1 Apr 2011)[...]

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Deepika Padukone with Rajinikanth

Deepika stretches to star with Rajni

Deepika Padukone with Rajinikanth
Deepika Padukone, whose character in Rajinikanth's Rana is at par with the South superstar, is literally burning midnight oil to get into the skin of her role before she starts shooting next week.

The actor is undergoing training in Vajra Mukti, a traditional martial art form. She's also expected to learn Sanskrit while she's completing her month-long London schedule of Desi Boyz with John Abraham and Akshay Kumar. The Om Shanti Om star, supposedly, does her homework for Rana after packing up everyday.

Deepika, however, has learnt Bharatanatyam in her growing up years, which is another essential requirement for her role. A member of Desi Boyz's unit explains, "She just needs to brush up on the dance form. She trained in Bharatanatyam when she was staying in Bangalore, but didn't practice it much in the last couple of years. To a certain extent, it's the same case with Vajra Mukti. Deepika had trained in karate for Chandni Chowk To China."

When prodded some more, Deepika's associate informs that on the London outdoor shoot that wraps up on April 20, the actor is working on her body's flexibility for the action scenes with Rajnikanth, who has already started shooting with director KS Ravikumar. "Her formal training in Vajra Mukti will start after she reaches Chennai. Its techniques are similar to kung fu, karate, jiu-jit [...]

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Pai International | PaiInternational Lucky Draw Results 2011 | Pai International Lucky Draw | Pai International Feb & March Sale |

Draw Results - Prize Winners List - Lucky Draw Coupon Pai International February Sale of Pai International - March Sale of Pai International - Karnataka Electronics World - Karnataka Home Appliances World - Pai International the World of Home Appliances and Electronic Items launches many schemes, sales and other many discount offers but this time this the Lucky Draw on Shopping at Pai International, but the sale is closed for this Lucky, this sale only for Feb and March Month 2011.

Today Pai International is in search because of Lucky Draw Results. The Lucky Draw in land organized yesterday at Rani Sarla Devi School of Bangalore Karnataka State India and today is the result declaring day of the Pai International Lucky Draw.

You can get the Pai International Lucky Draw Result which declared today on 18th April 2011 from here, but the result is not opening because of heavy traffic of Bangalore and other Karnataka Cities and also some part of India.

Bumper Prize of Pai International Lucky Draw is 5 Chevrolet Sparks Car but who is the winner of this cars, is the all five cars are same color of different, how much space required to park this 5 Spark Cars.

Anyways please try after some time to get the Pai International Lucky Draw Results 2011 April.

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Laagi Tujhse Lagan 18th April 2011 Written Update

The epi starts with Digu n Batsha.........Batsha asks him about the intention of the woman who called her........but Digu tells him not to speak about that as he's already irritated by Mayi n Naku......Mayi comes there n complains he has forgotten what day it is......Digu apologises.......Mayi compares herself to Naku saying she's also waiting for her husband since last 5 yrs just like Naku waiting for her sahib.......n Mayi asks Digu to find Naku's sahib for her happiness......when Digu asks how could he find him with a single name........she replies he can do it........on his nodding in agreement Mayi gives him n khir n tells she'll send more........n leaves from there...........
In PN.......AS in Dutta's room.......she takes a photo from dressing table n cries........asking Dutta to return soon......saying she wants to see him with Naku........Roops comes there......n asks her to be strong.......AS says first my husband.....then my daughter n now Dutta n Naku are can i be strong.........Roops asks if Kala is not behind TaSha being missing.........Baaji comes n informs about NS's arrival.........
NS informs all that.....he could not control situation in PW though he tried a lot.....he says he thinks some close one is behind this.........AS says it might be Kala.......but NS declines that by saying kala doesn't hav money n power to do so........NS again insists on choosing someone to take Dutta's place.......but AS asks him to wait for some more days.......NS says he understands her pain but they are loosing PWians hav to do something soon before its too late......then he leaves before winking at both Baaji n Suds......who hav the flashback of th [...]

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Nokia E6 QWERTY As Well With Touch Functioning

Nokia is a Korean based mobile manufacturing company in the world. The company has launched many good technical mobile phones in the world. The company has become the best mobile manufacturer in the entire globe. The company will launch a new mobile in India. The Nokia E6 QWERTY as well with Touch functioning mobile in India will come soon. The Nokia E6 price in India has not been declared.

Nokia E6
The Nokia E6 features are outstanding. The technical enabled mobile is having touch screen facility. The phone comes with camera. The OVI service is also available in the mobile. The mobile is having Bluetooth and GPRS facility for data connectivity. The handset is providing QWERTY keys pad for business purpose. The 3G facility is also available in the mobile. The phone is Quad band mobile. The Wi-Fi LAN connectivity is enabled in the mobile. The Nokia E6 reviews are presenting on the Internet.

Nokia E6
The Nokia E6 specifications are brilliant. The mobile is having OVI player, OVI music and OVI store. The display screen of the mobile is enabled with 2.6 inch size and touch function. The mobile is business mode mobile is providing QWERTY keys board which is providing east typing facility. T [...]

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Mahavir Jayanti SMS | Mahavir Jayanti 2011

Mahavir Jayanti | Mahavir Jayanti SMS | Mahavir Jayanti 2011 SMS Messages | Mahavir Jayanti 2011 | Mahavir Jayanti Celebration | Mahavir Jayanti Online Videos | Free Mahavir Jayanti SMS | Send Mahavir Jayanti SMS Online

In Jainism, Mahavir Janma Kalyanak is the most important religious holiday. It celebrates the birth of Mahavira, the last Tirthankara. He was born on the 13th day of the rising moon of Chaitra, in either 599 BC or 615 BC. On Mahavir Jayanthi, Jain temples are decorated with flags. In the morning the statue of Mahavira is given a ceremonial bath called the 'abhishek'. Lord Mahavira is an ideal in Jainism who taught the world the essence of life.

Lord Mahavir was a great teacher who taught humanity the true path of happiness. His teachings on complete nonviolence and the importance of austerity showed the path to achieving salvation and spirituality.

"Arguments win the situation but lose the person".
Mahavir Jayanti SMS

So never argue with your loved ones.
Mahavir Jayanti SMS

Tu karta woh he jo tu chahta hai.
Par hota he woh jo me chahta hu.
Tu woh kar jo me chahta hu.
Fir wo hoga jo tu chahta ha.
Mahavir Jayanti SMS

Tags : Mahavir Jayanti, Mahavir Jayanti 2011 SMS, Mahavi [...]

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DDA Allotment Status Application Registration Draw Result

DDA draw results now available DDA Website

Draw of lots held for DDA housing scheme 2010

Applicants thronged cyber cafes as well as their home and office computers as the Delhi Development Authority put the results of the draw on its website in the evening. A DDA spokesperson said the list of successful applicants will also be published in major newspapers on Tuesday. 

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KAVERI JHA Indian beauty girl

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Choti Bahu Season 2 18th April 2011 Written Update


The episode starts where it left off last time with Dev slowly walking and Radhika thinking that maybe now she will get a chance to talk to her Krishn Kanhaiya and that today she will tell him everything. Just as Dev is about to approach Radhika, Chanda comes. Dev tells her Rohan would like to talk to Radhika alone and they should wait by the car in the mean while. They both leave and Rads is sad. Rohan comes up to her and says Dev has a solution for every problem and now he feels as if he talk to her for hours! He tells her that yesterday (the chunar rasam) was the first time he ever saw her but he has heard a lot about her from Badi Maa and Dev. He says he knew from then that even without meeting her he was in love! She is shocked to hear this. She keeps looking behind Rohan to see Dev and he notices. He asks of she's worried for Chanda. He tells her not for worry because Chanda is with Dev and there's no one better than Dev in the entire world!

Radhika hesitantly asks Rohan if he ever visited Raawal before. He praises God and says at least she asked him a question. He then says yes, they used to come when he was a kid...but he didn't roam about a lot. Radhika says she wants to talk to him. He asks who? She says to Devji! Rohan is shocked. He then laughs and says he understood, he'll go get right away. He leaves to go for Dev and Radhika prays to Kanha for help.

Rohan comes back with Dev and Chanda. He says for a minute he was baffled to know why she wants to talk to Dev, but he says he understand. He says Dev had told him that girls from the village tend to be very shy and that it must be difficult for her to talk to her future husband face to face like that. He tells her to take her time and ask whatever she wants to know about him from Dev; as it is Dev is the one who took the shagun to their house which means she knew Dev before him. He and Chanda leave and now it's just Dev and Radhika.

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Iraq suicide car bombs kill nine

Two suicide car bombs have exploded in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, killing nine people and wounding 20.

A security official said the cars were queuing to enter the Green Zone when they exploded. Iraqi soldiers were among the casualties.

The heavily fortified Green Zone houses many foreign embassies and Iraqi government offices.

A BBC correspondent in Baghdad says these are the first suicide bombings in the capital this year.

Violence in Iraq has dropped significantly from the height of the insurgency five years ago, but almost daily shootings and killings still continue.

The attacks come amid preparations for an Arab summit in the international zone next month, though this is widely expected to be postponed because of the turmoil in the Arab world.

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Dog The Bounty Hunter

Dog the Bounty Hunter Bails Out Nic Cage | Dog the Bounty Hunter Daughter Charged With | Duane Dog Chapman | Nicolas Cage | Alice Kim Cage | Nicholas Cage | Nicolas Cage Arrested

Dog the Bounty Hunter is a reality television show on A&E which chronicles Duane "Dog" Chapman's operations at his job as a bounty hunter, at Da Kine Bail Bonds in Hawaii and Colorado.

According to various sources the actor was bailed out of jail by none other than Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Tags : Dog the Bounty Hunter Bails Out Nic Cage, Dog the Bounty Hunter Daughter Charged With, Duane Dog Chapman, Nicolas Cage, Alice Kim Cage, Nicholas Cage, Nicolas Cage Arrested

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KEAM | Keam 2011 Answer Key | Keam 2011 Admit Card Download | Keam 2011 Venue Details | Keam 2011 Application Number Online | Keam Website 2011 |

Entrance Examinations Kerala for Commissioner - Kerala Engineering Medical Entrance Examinations 2011 is in todays search because the Admit Card of Keam 2011 declared recently.

KEAM 2011 is the Entrance Examination for Engineering and Medical at Kerala State of India means Students who just passed the 12th Class and their result is not declared but they fill the form of AIEEE, PET, KEAM and other entrance examinations for their next high studies like Engineering Medical.

KEAM 2011 Answer Key everything of KEAM 2011 available for the download in the official Commissioner Kerala Entrance Examinations website

KEAM 2011 Admit Card also available download in the official KEAM 2011 Website which can be directly download from here, by filling your Roll No., Date of Birth and other required informations and clicking on the submit button.

The head office of the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations Kerala is located at Thiruvananthpuram, Kerala State India.

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Clerk Jobs in PNB Punjab National Bank Single Window Operator Vacancy

Punjab National Bank (PNB)
Head Office: HRD Division
7 Bhikhaiji Cama Place, 
New Delhi-110607

DDA Housing Scheme 2010 Draw Result on DDA Website now

DDA Draw Results 2011 now available DDA Website

DDA has now made available the results of the much awaited DDA housing scheme of 2010. The list of successful candidates can be downloaded from the official website of Delhi Development Authority. 

To view your Registration/Allotment/Application Status please:


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DDA Draw Results 2011 now available DDA Website

DDA has now made available the results of the much awaited DDA housing scheme of 2010. The list of successful candidates can be downloaded from the official website of Delhi Development Authority. 

To view your Registration/Allotment/Application Status please:


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Results of DDA Flat Draw announced on DDA Website

DDA Draw Results ON  DDA Website

To view your Registration/Allotment/Application Status please:

The Delhi Development Authority has published the results of the housing scheme 2010 on Monday, April 18, 2011. The draw for lots was held at the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC) in Noida, India.

Applicant have to enter the registration number and flat category to check the results.

Enter either:
< [...]

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DDA Draw Allotment Status Result DDA Housing Scheme 2010

DDA Draw Results ON  DDA Website

To view your Registration/Allotment/Application Status please:

The Delhi Development Authority has published the results of the housing scheme 2010 on Monday, April 18, 2011. The draw for lots was held at the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC) in Noida, India.


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DDA Allotment Status DDA Draw Result on DDA Website

DDA draw results now available DDA Website

To view your Registration/Allotment/Application Status please:

The Delhi Development Authority has published the results of the housing scheme 2010 on Monday, April 18, 2011. The draw for lots was held at the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC) in Noida, India.


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Kitani Mohabbat Hai 18th April 2011 Written Update

The episode starts with arjun and arohi sleeping in each others arms. Arjun wakes up by the sunlight and looks at Arohi and moves her hair away and kisses her forehead. Then he trys to kiss her but Bua says that we're coming with eyes closed and arohi wakes up and Arjuhi both bump into each other. Arohi asks arjun what was he doing and arjun says i wasnt doing anything and arohi says stupid. Then Arjun says that your nose is soo hard nd arohi says that your head is soft like softy right.
Bua comes with shefali and says that we thought you guys might be romancing but you guys are fighting. Arohi says that he doesnt know how to romance and Arjun says that why are you acting like jhassi ki rani when your a sleep your soo innocent. Arohi then says that you a cow right and Arjun says whatever i am im better then you. Bua tells them to be quiet and that Bauji is awake and if he comes here then it willl be a problem. Then she says that our family isnt the modern so lets go.
They all get up and start to come down the stairs. Bua asks arjun what is he going to do and arjun asks about what. shefali says about the time you asked for and arohi says i know what he'll do he'll open a garage. Arjun sits on the couch and arohi next to him and he says that no and shefali says he'll be a hot mechanic and Arohi says he's my boyfriend/husband. Shefali says i know but he's hot and arohi says i know. Arjun then says thanks for the compliment. Then bua says breaking stones like Salman in MPK and arohi says taxi driver. Arjun says no to both of them and arohi syas arjun I LOVE YOU but who will give you work. Arjun says I LOVE YOU too but im not stupid like you and then says that he'll do a real estate [...]

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Hanuman Jayanti 2011

Hanuman Jayanti SMS | Hanuman Jayanti 2011 | Hanuman Jayanti 2011 Date | Hanuman Jayanti Festival SMS | Hanuman Jayanti SMS Bhajans | Hanuman Jayanti SMS Celebration | Hanuman Jayanti 2011 Videos

Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Hanuman, the Vanara god, widely venerated throughout India. It is celebrated during the month of Chaitra.

Hanuman is an ardent devotee of Lord Rama, and is worshipped for his unflinching devotion to the God. From early morning, devotees flock Hanuman temples to worship him.

The devotees will visit temples and apply tilak of sindhūr to their foreheads from the Hanumans body as this is considered to be good luck.

Tags : Hanuman Jayanti, Hanuman Jayanti 2011, Hanuman Jayanti 2011 Date, Hanuman Jayanti Festival SMS, Hanuman Jayanti Bhajans SMS, Hanuman Jayanti Celebration SMS, Hanuman Jayanti 2011 Videos

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West Bengal Election 2011 | West Bengal Star Ananda Election Live News | West Bengal Election Commission | WB CEO Website |

MLA Election 2011 of West Bengal Results - West Bengal Election 2011 Results - MLA - Vidhayak Chunaav Parinaam Online Internet Website - The Election Season in India - Chunaav Ka Mausam Bharat Mein - recently the Tamil Nadu and some other 4 states election held and now this election. West Bengal Election 2011, this election is organized for which means this election is organized for electing who.

MLA - Member of Legislative Assembly this West Bengal Election 2011 is organized to elect MLAs of West Bengal. The CEO West Bengal website has inlcudes all information about the West Bengal Election like live casting, the venue of the voting booths, live casting from the voting booths and other.

Recently the District or Phase of the West Bengal Election 2011 are Bankura, Paschim Medinipur, Purulia which starts from 14 April 2011 and will continue upto 21 April 2011 and this is the 6th phase of the West Bengal 2011 Election.

You can do online complaints from the Chief Electoral Officer Website of West Bengal about the Polling or Voting in the recent election. From here you can get the Live Polling Webcasting System, you have to only select the District, AC and Pollin Station.

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31-01-2011 TO 03-02-2011  



03-02-2011  05.30PM  

04-02-2011 TO 07-02-2011  











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Cricket World Cup Special in Comedy Ka Maha Muqabla on Star Plus

Cricket World Cup episode on Comedy Ka Maha Muqabla
Comedy Ka Maha Muqabla is celebrating Cricket World Cup special on 16th April, 2011. The stage completely focuses on Cricket World Cup theme to make us laugh. We really enjoyed Cricket World Cup in humor touch.

Comic acts on Cricket World Cup in Comedy Ka Maha Muqabla begin with Shekhar Ke Movers. Sailesh Lodha is seen as a reporter on Kab Tak Channel. He invites Sachin Tendulkar for an interview. But Kambli (Ishtyak) appears at the place of Sachin. Nikhil is seen as Sachin in this episode. The interview of Sachin makes us thrilled with superb comedy. We really enjoyed Sachin and News Reporter in this act.

Second act in this episode is performed by Arshad Ke Punters. Sahil and Rehman are seen as commentator. Rashmi is seen as a new girl friend of Bhai. The match was being played between World XI and Bhai Log XI. It was really superb act on the occasion of Cricket World Cup. Team of Bhai Log XI and his commentator – Rehman make us entertain in a very sense.

Third performance in Cricket World Cup episode on Comedy Ka Maha Muqabla is performed by Shreyas Chi Mandli. Rajesh is seen as Dulha in this act. His marriage was on the same date of Cricket World Cup final. Shreyas is seen as Dulha's father. He always keeps himself busy in listening scores on a radio. Balraj is seen as an arranger of this marriage. Rashmi becomes Dulhan in this act.

Raveena Ke Mohre opens a Sweety Beauty Parlor to change the face of looser team's. Vibha becomes a member of this Parlor. Sudesh and Sucheta come to make their face cha [...]

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Download Firefox 4 beta 9 out now!

Get it here folks!

- Download here -

In related news, Mozilla says the final version of Firefox 4 will be out by the end of February.

David Sicore, Mozilla's Director of Platform Engineering, told developers via a mailing list (which you can read here) that the final version of Firefox 4 should be ready to ship by the end of February, but not before another beta and a release candidate come out first.

Sicore mentioned that at the moment they have around "160 hard blockers remaining" and in the past it has usually "taken [them] six weeks to reach RC once [they] have 100 blockers left." That puts the typical first RC at the end of February. But Sicore was insistent, claiming they "must press hard now." In fact, his plan is to finish the RC by the beginning of February and to ship the final release by the end of the month.
Beta 9 fixes an amazing 787 bugs, and adds open tabs to the title bar when maximized.

Enjoyed t [...]

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Zen X400i Announced In India

The Singapore based mobile manufacturing company has launched many mobiles in India. The Zen mobile company is providing best mobile methodological mobile formula through the mobile. The company is going to launch a new nominal mobile phone in India that is Zen X400i. The Zen X400i in India is upcoming mobile of Zen. The Zen X400i price in India is just Rs. 1,529/-.

Zen X400i
The Zen X400i features are very nice and attractive. The mobile is having TFT display screen and camera facility. The GSM dual SIM service is providing by this model. The phone is enabled with FM radio. The GPRS service is also available in the mobile. The mobile is also having External memory facility. The Internal memory of the phone is sufficient for phone book and SMS records. The company will launch this mobile in the market with only Black color. The Zen X400i reviews are released in the market.

Zen X400i
The Zen X400i specifications are superb and fantastic. The mobile is enabled with TFT display screen. The resolution of the screen is having 65K color with 128x128 pixels. The camera facility is also available in the mobile. The han [...]

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Samsung Announced New Mobile Champ Duos

Samsung is one of the best mobile manufacturing company in the world. The company has manufactured many more attractive mobile phones. The company has launched good features loaded mobile phones in India. Samsung is one of the best competitor company in India who's providing quality product. The company is going to launch the new mobile phone in India. The Samsung Champ Duos in India announced by Samsung. The company has declared Samsung Champ Duos price in India with approx Rs. 6000.

Samsung Champ Duos
The Samsung Champ Duos mobile is Dual SIM mode mobile. The mobile is having QVGA display screen with touchscreen facility. The connectivity service of the mobile is superb. The Compact size mobile is having long talk time backup battery. The Digital feature loaded camera is also added in this mobile. The Samsung Champ Duos reviews are uploaded with good comments on the Internet.

Samsung Champ Duos

The Samsung Champ Duos specifications are fabulous. The GSM SIM service mobile is having Dual SIM device. The frequencies of GSM 900/1800/1900 Mhz. The mobile is Tri band model. The mobile is also having 2.6 inch QVGA Touchscreen display. The resolutions of the mobile are 240x320 pixels of size. The Dimensions of Samsung Champ Duos are 99.9x54.9x12.9 [...]

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