Saturday, 12 November 2011

Japan opens Fukushima reactors to outside eyes

Japan will take a group of journalists inside the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant for the first time on Saturday, stepping up its efforts to prove to the world it is on top of the disaster....

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'Cricket has lost one hell of an intellect'

Tributes for the cricket writer and former Somerset captain Peter Roebuck, who has died in South Africa, aged 55
Source - Cricket news from ESPN

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Geet 11th November 2011 Written Update

Part 1
MSK is wrapping cloth around his arms.. n getting ready to BOX n do Tai-Chi He is shirtless.. n recollects Geets scared expression, chasing Vikram and Vikrams blind man guise! He fumes and punches hard on the punchbag!He kicks the punchbag angrily! He continues to fume... n sweats! He strengthens his grip on the punchbag! Geet comes n sees! She rues ..'This anger.. this anguish is all coz of me! Maybe he is upset that he culdn catch Vikram for me n thats why i m so scared! For me, he is so anxious n hurting himself!' Geet decides that.. 'Now i wont let MSK feel my fear! Howmuchever i feel scared, i will keep smiling before MSK.. only then his anger will calm down!' MSK continues to punch! Next day morning! MSK wakes up and looks around for Geet..!! He wonders where Geet is! MSK calls out for Geet! Right then Geet comes with a cup of Coffee n says.. right here! MSK inquires where she was! Geet says.. right here! MSK asks..where were u?? Geet says.. 'Early in the morning.. no good morning wishes? Staright away u started with ur questions!' Geet goes to keep the tray of coffee on the bed! MSK grabs her n says..'Where were u??' Geet says..'What did u see in my hand?? Coffee cup..right?? Well had gone to make coffee for u!'MSK asks if Geet is ok! Geet nods n says she is fine! Geet asks him to drink coffee.. n tell her how it is! MSK takes a sip and fakes.. erm.. n then says..its very nice! Geet smiles and hugs MSK! Mahii!

All are at dining table n MSK looks at Geet intently! Geet is quiet but looks troubled! Dev asks MSK about special security! MSK says.that its.already done.. police will be deployed outside the gate 24x7! Adi comes..n says..that he came to take MSK to office for signing deal with the London Clients! [...]

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Israel Rushes To Protect It's Passenger Airliners

El Al airplanes are seen on the runway at Ben Gurion International airport near Tel Aviv August 22, 2011. REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun

Israel Speeds Work On Airline Defenses On Fears Missiles Looted In Libya Were Smuggled To Gaza -- Washington Post/AP

JERUSALEM — Israel has sped up work on a missile defense system for its commercial airliners because of fears that Palestinian militants in Gaza have obtained anti-aircraft weapons looted from Libya, defense officials said Friday.

All Israeli passenger planes will be fitted with the laser-based system "within months," or about a year ahead of schedule, the officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity because they are not allowed to brief journalists.


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At the Oak Leaf Café...


... you can talk all evening... including chatting about the GOP debate.
Source - Althouse

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Hoops on deck for Obama on Osama bin Laden carrier

President Barack Obama Friday hailed US veterans at a unique college basketball game on the deck of the aircraft carrier which sent Osama bin Laden to his underwater grave....

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Nagarjuna University MCA 6th Semester Regular Results 2011 | ANU MCA Exam Results 2011

ANU Results 2011

Acharya Nagarjuna the profounder of the Madhyamika Buddhism is one of the greatest philosophers India has ever produced.The Buddhists of China, Japan and Tibet river him to be the Second Buddha, who once again set in the motion the wheel of Dharma.He endowed with metaphysical profundity and logical acumen has reaffirmed the basic ideas of Buddhism, apart from providing reinterpretation, clarification and amplification of new concepts of Buddhism.He focused on the fundamental problems of human existence, human aspiration and human actions.He found solutions to them through intuition and reflective thought.

He applied and practiced these solutions and his doctrine and experience become a norm to motivate rational and sensitive minds of different generation in different countries with varied cultural environment Hanayama Shinsho recognizing Nagarjuna contribution has opined that he may well be called the progenitor of Mahayana thought.The Madhyamika-karika testifies to the historicity to their author Nagarjuna, the great Buddhist philosopher, who extolled the path of Prajnaparamita.He wrote the Karika in order to expound the basic teaching of the Prajnaparamita sutras.The recent archaeological discoveries at Amaravati corroborate to certain extent the broad facts about Nagarjuna life on which his traditional biographies agree.He was born in a Brahmin family in Andhradesa at Vedali.

Based on the Chinese author Tao-an and Kumarjivas account and his date for Buddha nirvana and other material of a Japanese Scholar Hakaju concluded that Nagarjuna lived about 113-213 AD.The fact being his friendship with a Satavahana King Gautamiputra Satakarni and his having spent the latter part of his career in the monastery built for him by this king at Bhramaragiri.The Manjuasrimulakalpa and Tibetan sources contend that Nagarjuna had the Amaravati stupa renovated, enclosed and ornamented with the assistance of thi [...]

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Sanjana Kapoor steps down from Prithvi The

Stage actor and daughter of veteran actor Shashi Kapoor, Sanjana Kapoor, has stepped down from Mumbai's Prithvi Theatre....

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Bowlers gives WAPDA control against Islamabad

A round-up of the action from the first day of the sixth round of the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy Division One
Source - Cricket news from ESPN

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Uttaran 11th November 2011 Written Update

Episode continues in the hotel room,Veer asks rathod if he had thought wat would happen if anyone knws abt it.They would lose their respect in society if once d news cmes out in TV,newspaper...Rathod apologises n tells nthng like dat would happen.Veer asks whether taps knws abt dis,rathod says she doesn't knw he hid it bcoz it takes time for taps to understand n he was waiting for the right time.
Veer looking angrily at iccha tells dese things shouldn't be hidden btw wife n husband.Veer asks rathod to handle the situation as he doesn't like smeone pointing out at dem.Veer takes muktha n leaves,iccha also goes back of him.
Rathod thinks to tell taps everything b4 she gets to knw by smeone,he thinks first he need to find out y police came der.
Kahna cmes to chanda asks her to feed paratha.Mai cmes n asks wat is happening,Chanda tells iccha nw a days is gng out without informing n chanda tells iccha's love is spoiling kahna.Kahna says sorry n eats by himself.

Veer standing angrily remembering iccha sayng sorry meanwhile iccha cmes der n tells dat she knew he is angry wid her bt she doesn't knw y she did all dis.Veer tells her whether she got only taps baby in d whole world.Iccha tells wenever she takes yuvraj into arms she feels like its her baby,She tella only mother can understand dat feeling whose baby is lost by taking birth.Veer tells he understand all her feelings n nt only d mather bt father also lost d baby.He tells iccha dat no matter rathod told it to taps or nt bt she would have told him n he would be wid her as always.
veer asks her rathod called her n she went to hotel room without thinking wat will be the result of dis...
Iccha tells veer by seei [...]

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Maxim Magazine Salutes The Troops Overseas

Maxim Magazine Salutes Troops Overseas With Special Military Tribute Issue -- FOX News

In honor of Veteran's Day, Maxim has created a special tribute to the soldier's serving overseas featuring celebrity pictorials and some of the magazine's most popular "Hometown Hotties" from the past five years.

Maxim contributor and relationship expert Diana Falzone tells FOX411 that the decision to create a special tribute was an easy one for the team.

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Update: Maxim Magazine's Oh-So-Hot Salute to the Military -- Celebrity-Gossip

My Comment: A little change in pace for us guys in this blog.[...]

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HTC Edge price in India, Google Android Smart Phone Review, Features and Specifications

HTC Edge price in India. HTC is well known for manufacturing Android based and user friendly smart phones. HTC edge is new smart phone announced by HTC Corporation. This device is designed for Google Android Operating system that delivers an excellent Google experience. Cell Phone has a large 4.7 inches screen with 720 x 1280 pixels resolution that deliver a high quality colors . In terms of connectivity, it supports Wi-Fi – Hotspot, 3G and GPRS options. 

HTC Edge is complete with Bluetooth with EDR Stereo, USB support and it is GPS enabled. The smart phone is powered by an Nvidia Tegra 1.5 GHz Quad Core Processor with includes 1 GB of RAM and internal storage is 32 GB. The micorSD card slot is also available on this phone that support up to 32 GB card. Mobile has an 8-mega pixel camera with LED flash & Auto focus that has a capability of capture a clear quality images in dark place and will deliver satisfactory HD video @ 60fps quality. The smart phone support the multiple video files that deliver an impressive movie watching experience. The music and Stereo FM radio are also there with 3.5 mm audio jack.

HTC Edge Review, Features and [...]

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"An Excerpt From “Bowing To Beijing”

Beijing's Electronic Pearl Harbor -- Brett M. Decker, The Washington Times

U.S. national security endangered by China's army of hackers.

In November 1997, Deputy Defense Secretary John Hamre testified before the Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism that "we're facing the possibility of an electronic Pearl Harbor. … There is going to be an electronic attack on this country some time in the future." Two years later, he told a secret session of the House Armed Services Committee, "We are at war - right now. We are in cyberwar." Fast-forward more than a decade, to 2011. President Obama's choice for secretary of defense, Leon Panetta, tells the Senate Armed Services Committee at his confirmation hearing that the United States faces a possible "electronic Pearl Harbor." Mr. Panetta had been the CIA director for the previous two years - so he would have known.

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Rally in Nebraska to Stop Keystone Pipeline

Tom Weis' Rocket Trike with Lakotas
Photo Lakota Media Project
Published with permission at Censored News


By Tom Weis
Censored News

LINCOLN, NE – (Nov. 12, 2011) Today, the Keystone XL "Tour of Resistance" landed at Nebraska's capital. A diverse coalition of farmers, ranchers, indigenous leaders, environmental leaders, Occupy Lincoln activists and others biked and marched to the Capitol dome to demand state and federal action to oppose TransCanada's Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. They formed a human wall on the Capitol steps as a symbolic "line in the sand" against Keystone XL.

The Lincoln
 march and rally come less than a week after 12,000 people surrounded
 the White House in opposition to Keystone XL, and just days after the
 Obama administration announced delaying a decision on the pipeline until after the
 2012 election. The organizers are calling on the State Legislature to pass a bill regulating pipeline [...]

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Puducherry's Education Minister to be sacked from state cabinet

The chief minister of Puducherry N Rangaswamy has written to the Governor recommending the dismissal of P M L Kalyanasundaram from the state cabinet. ...

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“Tum Ho Paas Mere” Rockstar (Video Song) Ranbir Kapoor,Nargis Fakhri

The magic of AR Rahman has just begun. After rolling out few songs like sadda haq, katiya karoon etc. It is time to hear Tum ho song sung by Mohit chauhan. This song has ranbir kapoor, nargis fakhri in lead roles. Enjoy & play only on T-Series Thanks , Admin, related posts“Katiya Karoon Rockstar” [...]
Source - Maji Aai

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Childrens day Celebrations 2011 | November 14th Childrens day Celebrations 2011

Childrens day 2011

Birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is celebrated as the Children’s Day in India. it is celebrated on November 14.He was the first Prime Minister of India after independence.This festival is celebrated in the memory of Jawaharlal Nehru.This day is celebrated as his birthday.This day is so called because he liked children.India’s first prime minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, was born on November 14.After his death in 1964 his birthday has been celebrated as children’s Day in India.Children’s Day is not just a day to let the future generation have its say.It is a day to remember a leader who in his quiet but determined way laid the foundation to convert a nascent nation into a world power.But why Children’s Day Apart from being known for his skills as a statesman Nehru was also immensely fond of children. The more popular and famous of Nehru’s pictures show him with children.

As a tribute to this great man and his love for the children, his birthday is celebrated all over India as CHILDREN'S DAY.Most schools have cultural programmes for the day with the students managing it all.All over the country various cultural, social, and even corporate, institutions conduct competitions for children.Childrens Day is a day for children to engage in fun and frolic.Schools celebrate this day by organizing cultural programmes.Teachers of the school perform songs and dances for their students.

Children's Day in India surrounds the celebration of childhood.The day is celebrated on 14th November across the nation to commemorate the birth anniversary of I [...]

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Italy parliament approves reforms package, Berlusconi to quit

Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi prepared to resign Saturday after parliament's lower chamber passed European-demanded reforms, ending a 17-year political era and setting in motion a transition aimed...

Source - NDTV News - Top Stories

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Kazusa stars in extraordinary victory

A round-up of the action from the Coca-Cola Pro50 Championship 2011-12
Source - Cricket news from ESPN

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Balika Vadhu 11th November 2011 Written Update

The gundas threatens Anandi not to try to be clever, he threatens that if he was not informed/warned not to touch her he would have molested her already. Anandi asks who they are working for but doesn't get an answer. The main guy asks whos duty it was to keep an eye on Anandi, when he finds out he starts beating the guy badly, Anandi tells him to stop, but she is blamed as he is beaten up because she was being clever and tried to run away. The guy threatens that if she tries to run again he will kill her, he then blindfolds her and leaves
Jagat is on the road thinking of where Anandi could be and how he will be able to look for her, he then notices her payal and remembers when he gave the payal to Anandi and thinks that she must be somewhere nearby and starts searching the area



Apologies for any mistake, just wrote it as I was watching the episode therefore have not proof read it.
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Source - India Spicy News

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U.S. Must Understand 21st-Century Combat (A Commentary)

Photo: Rep. Allen West

West: U.S. Must Understand 21st-Century Combat -- Rep. Allen West, Roll Call

Today's paradigm of battle and combat operations is completely different from what I experienced in 1982 when I was commissioned as a young lieutenant in the U.S. Army. At that time, the battlefield was much simpler.

In broad strokes, there was the Soviet Union on one side and the United States on the other. We were familiar with their tactics and equipment, and they with ours. Both sides wore uniforms, and every now and then we would stage war games on border control missions.

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My Document: Unfortuna [...]

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Lava M70 Price in India, 5 MP Camera with touch screen mobile phone review, Features and Specifications

Lava M70 Price in India. Lava is now one of the best selling mobile phones in Indian market. The company has manufactures a lots of basic to high end mobile phones. Lava M70 is one of latest feature smart phone that support Dual GSM SIM that will improve your life style. Cell Phone has 3.2 inches of touch screen with IPS technology. The screen resolution is average and has a feature of full touch and Accelerometer sensor. It includes 4 GB internal memory storage and storage can be extended up to 8 GB with micro SD card. 

The Lava M70 device supports GPRS and EDGE internet connectivity options for access the WAP browser and social networking integrations. The main feature of this phone has a large 5 mega pixels of camera for capturing an unforgettable moments. The camera also equipped with a feature of dual LED flash, smile/blink detection and live effects. This is complete with a great quality music experience with SRS wow sound effects and dual speakers. Other feature includes FM radio with recording, Bluetooth & USB port. Phone has a 1200mAh battery delivers a good battery backup.

Lava M70 review, Features and Speci [...]

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"When the Obama administration and Congress expanded the clean-energy incentives in 2009, a gold-rush mentality took over."

Write Eric Lipton and Clifford Krauss in the NYT:
The windfall for the industry over the last three years raises questions of whether the Obama administration and state governments went too far in their support of solar and wind power projects, some of which would have been built anyway, according to the companies involved....
Read the whole thing.
Source - Althouse

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"He gets drilled at the 22-yard line! What a stick!"

So says the ESPN announcer at the Penn State/Nebraska game — not noticing the accidental double entendre. Earlier they played this statement by Penn State's new president...

... and they had a reporter reporting from outside of Joe Paterno's house. They showed that earlier, 2 men came up and knelt down to pray — each in a manly on-one-knee stance. I'm pretty sure they were not praying for the kids. They were praying for Joe Paterno!

ADDED: Penn State should be super-careful what music they choose to blast over the public address system. Ridiculous to play "Tell Me Something Good":
You ain't got no kind of feeling inside
I got something that will sure 'nuff set your stuff on fire
You refuse to put anything before your pride
I got something that will knock all your pride aside...
Problem is you ain't been loved like you should
What I got to give will sure 'nuff do you good

Source - Althouse

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A first for Punjab: Man sentenced to death for killing his daughter

It's a tale of tragedy but also of hope. Tragedy, because casual labourer Mukesh Kumar killed his 2-day old daughter in the presence of his wife. Hope, because Kumar's own wife had the courage to go t...

Source - NDTV News - Top Stories

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