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Mye Audio Launch

Tamil Movie Mye Audio Launch Photos. Cast and Crew areVishnu Priyan, Swetha Basu, Che Ra Gopalan, Ammu. Source - India Veer

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Pratigya 19th September 2011 Written Update

Everyone is upset n in a state of silent shock over the sudden mishap of komals miscarriage… Gd boils it down to SS…Starts cursing n blaming SS n his unholy deeds for bringing this upon the family..** lagata hain directorwa phir soyigawa..Ghantilals record gets stuck on the same dialogues.. repeatedly komaliya n the kid…the kid n komaliya…!!!**
SS comes down the stairs…GD says…here comes the Demon himself !!SDS gives him a long n cold stare** Boss if luks culd kill then u wuld hve been a dead man..hallimoon jata tha tel lene** He is boycotted by everyone…KN orders kesar to pick the kid along n cum to the room..krish also tells Pratigwa to come to their room as he had work wid her…Prats doesnt move.. krish tells her not to think so much n to get up frm there rite away!! SS observes this n seems to read their minds..Krish walks away but Prats is still there..**abh Jahan action hain wahan prats hain…aise kaise uth jaabo bey**.Ganga sees all this n comes towards SS who has tears in his eyes..She tells him to come to their room n the two leave.
Shyamus ..Sad,..Saxena..House…
Komal is sleeping…Adarsh gets haunted by komal's words at the hospital abt him not wanting a child…luks at komal n feels sorry for having been so harsh to her.. he covers her with a blanket and kisses her on the forehead ..**Wat a miracle sirji..frm a pathar to a pati in no timeji**well its Mmg n wunders never cease there!!**
Krish expresses his anger n disbelief at the turn of events in his house…says that it was due to only one man…his very own bauji thakur SS…he holds him responsible for kml's loss… Prats tells him that although SS had committed a grave mistake by marrying Ganga yet the miscarriage was more due to Komal losing her temper n her [...]

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Sasural Genda Phool 20th September 2011 Written Update

Kashyap Dining

All ladies are happy arranging for dinner. R&D asks where is Ishaan.

Kashyap Courtyard

Everyone sitting in the courtyard. Alok tells what the lawyer said. He tells he is thinking of going and speaking to the clients himself. BM agrees. Ilesh is sad. BM tells everything will be fine. Suhana and others come. Inder and Ilesh are sitting sadly. Ishika lightens up speaking in pure hindi asking to Suhana where Ishaan is. Ishika signals to Suhana. Suhana understands and so does Inder. Inder teases Suhana. Suhana complains to Alok. Dadaji asks jokingly to Ilesh where he would have gone when he said he is leaving house. Inder gives 4 options as in KBC and gives 3 railway station names and 1 footpathLOL. Ishaan comes in telling footpath.LOL Ilesh chases Ishaan. All are happy.

Song: Ae Dil Laya Hai Bahar(Perfect Song)

Nicely shot. KK also hears them singing thru phone and he sings from there.LOL

After the song. Ishaan climbs over something and tells he has an important announcement. He tells he has got promotion and he is the branch manager now. All are happy. Suhana hugs him. All turn around.LOL Suhana asks them to about turn again. Ishaan tells he has been given a flat also. Rano asks whats the need when they have this house. Ishaan tells the flat is in Mumbai and he has been transferred there and he will be going in 1 week. All are shocked.Ouch


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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th September 2011 Written Update


Rashi deliberately eats into Gopi's time by asking her to decorate the pooja plate. Gopi gets occupied in doing so. Hetal is stunned to see the pooja basket. Rashi gets sulky on listening to Kokila's comments. Rashi again tries to hamper Gopi's studies. Meanwhile, Urmila discovers the disconnected cable wire. Dhaval is shocked to see Kinjal in the commercial, and asks Kinjal the cause of her lies. Gopi triumphs over Rashi's evil intentions by successfully reciting her tables. Urmila calls Kokila home to talk about Kinjal.


Kokila asks Kinjal to tell her the truth about the Advertisement. But at the Same time see the Advertisement on the television and is Shocked. Both Kokila-Aham are shocked. Urmila has a Small smile. Kokila asks her what is all this? Kinjal starts talking about all the things Kokila did ie, sending her in Dhavals house. She also asks what happened when I had done the photoshoot of Kinjal banyan, Koki and Kinjal keep arguing. Kokila tells her to shut up. Aham calms Kokila. He asks Kinjal about what she is speaking. Kinjal replies that, Kokila lost all the Rights when she sent me to this house, Aham cannot control and Gives Kinjal a TIGHT SLAP. Kinjal tells I know Bhai u are angry because Now I am trying to make a Name for myself but the fact is that, U are hidden behind the name "MODI" and U cannot control as I am making a name for myself. Kinjal tells Now wait i shall make a Name for myself. Kokila Aham return home and the others are shocked to know that Kinjal started Modeling and double shocked as Kinjal told Kokila that she lost the rights of questioning her about anything when she was sent in this house

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th September 2011 Written Update

Episode starts with ankur accusing sandhya of separating ankita from him. He says "just because of you, your bhabi is not coming to US with me,it was you who had fought with me to take ankita to US & now you have only become selfish & obstacle.
Tomorrow a proposal is coming either you agree for it or you will be responsible for making ankita stay with you here because she is not willing to leave you and come to US until your life is settled".
Sandhya in tears not able to believe Ankur can talk to her so harsh.
Scene shifts to Suraj's house where Suraj is asking Meenakshi to apologise to Bhabo.Bhabo adamant not agreeing but suraj reluctant & when she didn't agree suraj tells meenakshi to pack bags & he will drop her to her parents house and apologize for not taking good care of her here. Bhabo dares suraj not to apologise to anyone and meenakshi falls at her feet.Finally bhabo forgives her for Suraj's sake.
Night time Bhabo praying to god not to give any more trouble to suraj as he is such a kind hearted person.Suraj comes and tells her everything will be good.He had a dream previous night and that something good will happen tomorrow.Bhabo says you are saying this to make me feel better but I hope it becomes true.
Next morning ankur informs ankita & sandhya that by 5pm boy's family is coming.Sandhya leaves for college.Ankita asks ankur to rethink.Ankur says I am doing the best for the family, I am going out do you need anything.Ankita says if possible bring happiness to your sister.
Bhabo walking in the house when a neighbour comes,Bhabo not interested to meet her & avoids her.Suraj's father says she has gone out & the lady tells your wife has put challenge to get suraj marri [...]

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Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 20th September 2011 Written Update

>Chillad and me switched our days this weekTongue so today I am updating, I am not as good as chillad LOL

>>ASR is calling Khushi but she is ignoring her calls
>>Khushi gives money to shayam for the tickets but he refuses
>>La reaches ASR's office with lunch box and everyone thinks she is her wife
>>ASR tells her to leave from there
>>Khushi and her family is having family gala time.
>>ASR is telling La that he dont belive in marriage and he tells her he told her not to be like KKG
>>He gets angry on her and tell her to react
>>La asks him whats the prob in naming there relationship and he says never to bring this topic again
>>ASR thinks that this is all happening due to KKG and he will not leave her
>>Shashi is worried as he is there without job and she is doing job but she makes him feel better
>>Nani is going somewhere in the market
>>Anjali asks ASR about the marriage and he says he dont belive in it and she is about to discuss parents but he tells her that he dont wanna talk about that
>>La again comes up in KKG avataar and againhe repeats No marriage
>>KKg enters RM and she gives no chance to ASR to talk to her and takes La to kitchen
>>ASR comes into kitchen and starts questioning her

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Bhaagon Waali 20th September 2011 Written Update

Amma telling Runjhun that the M&Ms were never her well-wishers and will always find ways to harm her. Diamond agrees with Amma and tells her to go inside while he takes the M&Ms away. Amma also calls on Kukkan and Devi to which Mittho rushes and tries to plead with an unmoved Devi who tells her that they are paying for their own deeds and that she would never forgive all her crimes. Mittho runs towards the neighbours watching and starts lamenting their fate, but they start leaving one by one after telling her that this is part of the daily Pandey drama while another spits in disgust. As they walk away, Babli (apparently very intelligent too) tells Diamond that she read in one of her books that this is what happens to those who mistreat their relatives to which Kalsanwali (ever finding a solution in violence) starts slapping her around while cursing her, to which Diamond intervenes and warns her about touching his younger sister.

In the meantime, Amma and the rest are walking into the house, while BG music is playing in the background. Amma, with a smile, and the rest are surveying the house when she tells Runjhun that her arrival removed the darkness, and her fortune saved the house (seriously, Amma give credit where it is due!) An irritated Guddu breaks into their happy chat asks Kukkan to work on restoring the electricity and bringing back the furniture lyiing outside. He asks those ready to work to start doing so, while those that still need a talking to do so (while looking at Runjhun), Amma is worried at his words.

Rajju and the others have slowly made their way into a certain gentleman's (Pateshwari) home, and as soon as they sit, Rajju starts lamenting that their niece's husband kicked them out of the house after buying it in an auction. The man invi [...]

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Choti Bahu Season 2 20th September 2011 Written Update

All are assembled at PB and Radhika and Rohan come and Dev eagerly asks her whether she could come out safely and Radhika tells him some mutt person saw be but Rohan came on time and saved me.Dev thanks Rohan. Bh grrr comes and hugs Radhika saying you were saved and tells everyone that it was good that Radhika got a good idea at the correct time and we all were saved. Padma and Dai expressions were so amusingLOL (they wanted to give credit to Bh but it was Radhika's idea which saved them) Dai asks how was the door closed from outside.Dev says who else Maheswari Devi and BB looks at him stunned .she asks him what are you saying he answers what you are hearing.He continues before that you put some sleeping medicine in the juice then you closed the door from which Radhika was to come in and somehow she came in the you closed the door from outside. All watch stunned and Radhika with a expressionless face and Bh smiles slyly. You did all this so that we will be caught and the mathadeesh will know everything Padma horrified . BB says why will I stop Radhika from entering and why will I put drugs in the juice what will I get doing that.(True she wants RADEV together not apart) Dev looks aside with disgust and Radhika looks up with interest listening to those words .Padma says its our fault we should have removed you from this house and BB comes to her saying do you know you are talking your jethani (elder co sister )to Padma answers I know I am talking to a selfish person who have always put her selfish needs and martyr the family members to get them.You tried to prevent Radhika from lighting the Mahajyot and when you were not successful you tried all the underhand ways to defame the family Dev disguisted Radhika angry and Sly Bh smiling wickedly and all with disgust. Bb says why all of you are blaming me for everything someone else could also have done it do you have the witness or proof that I have done it .BH comes forward saying no on [...]

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Balika Vadhu 20th September 2011 Written Update

A&A run away from the ashram while the babaji tells his men to find them and take care of them before they out his reality to the villagers. The goons chase A&A who manage to hide in the woods.

Meanwhile, Anandi tries to call Shyam for help, but he steps out and doesn't hear his phone. Upon returning, he sees Anandi's calls and calls her back. In the woods, A&A hide from the goons who are very close by. Just then Shyam calls and the goons hear the phone. A&A panic (why didn't Anandi cut the callOuch)/ They leave the phone behind and run away.
Shyam is puzzled why Anandi isn't answering. In the haveli, bheendnis and maasa are worried for Anandi since its almost dark and she isn't back. They try calling her but she doesn't answer. Gehna suggests calling Suguna. Sumitra calls Shyam who tells them he can't reach Anandi too. He promises to go to the ashram and find out.

A&A manage to reach the village. Asha starts crying and Anandi consoles her. She tells Asha to be brave as her fight will be very hard. She urges Asha to complain to the police against the babaji. The girls reach police station where everyone gives them weird looks. Anandi says they want to file a complaint against Guru Karmanand, who attempted to rape Asha. The inspector doesn't believe them since he thinks the Guruji is very good.He refuses to file a complaint. The policemen ridicule A&A

Precap : Madan Singh refuses to support Asha. He tells a shocked Suguna, Shyam and Anandi that he cannot jeopardize his family's welfare based on Asha's words. Besides, who knows, maybe she is at fault and all this may be a misunderstanding. Everyone is shocked to hear this [...]

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Sikkim Quake - 18 dead - 200 rescued - many trapped

18 people lost their lives as a 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit sikkim on Sunday evening. The death toll is at 18 which includes 7 in Sikkim, 4 in West Bengal 2 in Bihar and 5 in Nepal.

The armed forces have deployed teams for relief and rescue activity, the Centre is also sending emergency teams in. But heavy rains, intermittent power cut, and loss of mobile phone connectivity did hamper rescue operations in the initial hours.

At 6.10 pm on Sunday evening, a 6.8 magnitude earthquake rocked Sikkim. Mangan, 54 km from Gangtok, was the epicentre of that quake that left a trail of death and massive damages in its wake. It was not just Sikkim that was shaken, the tremors were felt in Delhi, West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, North East and Nepal.
Source - News

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Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahaani 20th September 2011 Written Update

Holla peopleHug

From today onwards I am your Written Updater for Tuesdays. I know Lena (White fantasy) is amazing with it but due to school chores she remains busy on Tuesdays so I have taken up the job. Hope I help all those who missed the episode.


The scene starts with Panchhi screaming Danish's name and yelling to her parents that why they lied to her that Danish was alright. She is in a very bad condition and is helpless. Piya is unable to see her sister in such a condition. Panchhi tells everyone that it was Danish who saved her by acting as a shield around her body and because of her his condition is critical. She begs them to save him.

2. ABHAY -CHANDShocked

Chand tells Abhay that he knows what Abhay is thinking and that he doesn't approve of it. Abhay asks what and Chand says that saving Danish is against their clan because they cannot disturb the life-death cycle of the nature. Abhay says that danish has been very loyal to them and he risked his life many times to help them, so they owe him. But Chand stays firm and tells him to leave because he won't let him go against his clan. Abhay rebels but Chand explains it to him that the doctors have clarified that only a miracle can save Danish, otherwise it is almost impossible to save him, so if Abhay saves him then people might suspect them (Maybe he was pointing towards ArnabLOL). Abhay understands the situation and leaves.


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Google Girds for a Grilling

Google Inc. is taking no chances as its executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, prepares to face a Senate hearing Wednesday on whether the company is abusing its dominance in Internet search.

Hoping to fend off any antitrust action, Google has hired at least 13 lobbying and communications firms since May, when the Federal Trade Commission ramped up its probe of the Internet giant. Firms led by figures from both parties—including former House Democratic leader Richard Gephardt and the son of Indiana Republican Sen. Richard Lugar—are going to bat for the company.

More @
Source - News

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UPTET 2011-12 Application Form | | Uttar Pradesh Teachers eligibility Test

Uttar Pradesh Education board has Published notification for...

Read Full Article at Source - India Veer

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Laagi Tujhse Lagan 20th September 2011 Written Update

Today another song butchered by LTL - Ai dil dilki duniya mein aisa haal bhi hota hain from Movie Yaadein & episode was highly stupid & meaningless and drag.

The episode starts with Digu looking at everyone before keeping the gun on his head.Digu pulls the trigger all hear bullet sound but datta lifts the gun just in time & digu is saved.Datta says everyone prayed for you how could i allow you to die.Datta says hope you know now what its to feel death so close by.He says everyone cheated me and the pain what I am going through no one can understand all lied to me & I will make sure you all suffer the same & leaves PN.

A song in the background - Ai dil dilki duniya mein aisa haal bhi hota hain from Movie Yaadein & Naku having fbs of datta's anger and his hatred and crying badly.On the other hand datta roaming in his jeep remembering all naku & digu scenes.
Datta & Naku's photo falls and is broken & Datta sitting in his jeep & drinking when one of his men comes, Datta advises him never to fall in love or marry as life becomes hell.

AS,baji & kishore come to console Naku.She hugs AS and cries.Naku pleads baji to search & bring datta back.Baji calls and datta says I have no one,i am orphan.

Suds is very happy but kala says our job is not done yet.kala says we should prove digu kidnapped datta.Just then digu comes and holds kala's throat.Suds tries to stop digu when digu hits him,finally kala escapes and takes out a gun.
Digu says I know you both changed the letter but very soon [...]

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The nation wants to know: TOI or Times Now?

As a story, newspapers verus television is as old as the bush telegraph. But the story gets more interesting when a group owns both newspapers and television properties, as The Times group does.

Can it afford to decry one or the other? On the strength of this advertisement, evidently it can.

“While it may stir your emotions, does it [TV] really leave you better informed about the subject being discussed? Probably not.”

Try telling that to Mr Goswami.

Image: courtesy Karthik Srinivasan

Link via Vishwatma Bhat

Filed under: A bit of fun, Art, Newspapers, Television Tagged: Arnab Goswami, Churumuri, Karthik Srinivasan, Sans Serif, The Times of India, Times Now, Vishwatma Bhat [...]

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 19th September 2011 Written Update

Episode begins with Golu Molu about to stuff himself with the ice cold food straight from the fridge when Pippu makes an appearance in the kitchen & gives him an exasperated look. (Some editing boo boo here I think.The scene ends right here)
Its early morning & PriAm stir together : Priya trying to stumble out of bed & Ram stretching his huge frame.Their eyes meet & Ram straightens himself self conciously. Priya manages to get off her couch & makes her way towards the bed to carefully put back the pillow lest the gappu goes beserk again over her untidiness this time. Ram walks towards the couch on his way to the wash room & Priya mock salutes him & lets him pass first & Ram goes out stiffly.
Kapoor Mansion Living Room: Ram arrives there still in his night clothes where a lawyer is waiting for Niharika.Ram enquires about the purpose of his visit. The man informs him that Ram's grandfather has left a ancestral necklace in the safe keeping of the bank some 26 years ago. He hands Ram a photo of the pushtaini haar & a letter written by his grandfather.The letter says the necklace is a wedding gift for Ram's bride with lots of blessings too. Ram gets very emotional.
Just then Priya comes hopping & skipping down the stairs in a lovely pink salwar suit to hand over his phone which has been incessantly ringing. (You should have flushed it down the toilet,Pippu! After the way he treated you & your khana)As she moves to leave Ram shows her the letter saying its from "Lalaji" (Dadaji?) & she too reads it.
A slim & trim pre-teen Ram is being chased by his father to drink his milk.The boy runs & settles down besides his grampa. Dadaji tells him to drink up the milk to which the boy replies milk makes me fat. Dadaji says he should put on loads of weight as he is his grandson. (Looks like Ramoo has taken Dadaji's orders to heart & is still following it r [...]

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The Dirty Picture (2011) Movie Information, Release Date, Cast and Crew, Story, Trailer

The Dirty Picture Movie Cast and Crew:

Release Date: December 2, 2011
Language: Hindi
Genre: Musical / Drama
Producer: Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor
Director: Milan Luthria
Star Cast: Vidya Balan,Naseruddin Shah,Emraan Hashmi,Tusshar Kapoor
Music Director: Vishal Dadlani, Shekhar Ravjiani

The Dirty Picture Movie Story:

The Dirty Picture movie is based on the life of the south siren Silk Smitha.

Imagine a make-up girl who became an extra and then the most wanted heroine of the early 80s.

Chronicling the meteoric rise and steep fall of the erstwhile screen sensation - Silk Smitha, The Dirty Picture is set against the colorful and entertaining backdrop of the South film industry of the 80's.

The quintessential siren, Silk, knew her audiences, and it didn't seem like anything would stop the fiercely ambitious starlet, till it did, in the shape of unrequited love.

To the world, she was the queen of sensuality. But at heart, Silk was just another woman craving true love. An unfortunate encounter with deceit and infidelity led to dire consequences!

Balaji and Milan Luthria team up again after their smash hit, Once Upon A Time In Mu [...]

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M.R Radha's 32nd Death Anniversary

Nadigavel' M.R Radha's 32nd Death Anniversary was observed by his son actor Radha Ravi on 17th Sep 2011. Actors Sarath Kumar, Sathyaraj, Yuvan Shankar Raja,Manivannan, P Vasu, Sachu, Charli, Vagai Chandrasekhar and many others attended the event. Source - India Veer

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Bollywood Movies List 2011,Bollywood Movies Release Dates In 2011

Tag : Bollywood Movies List 2011,Bollywood Movies Release Dates In 2011

Bollywood Movies List Release In January 2011

Release Date
Jan 7
Ashoka The Hero
Gaurav Jain
Jan 7
Impatient Vivek
Vivek Sudarshan, Sayali Bhagat
Rahat Kazmi
Comedy, Romance
Jan 7
No One Killed Jessica
Vidya Balan, Rani Mukherjee
Rajkumar Gupta
Social, Thriller
Jan 7
Deepal Shaw, Alok Nath, Chetan Pandit
Sachin P. Karande
Jan 14
Mumbai [...]

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Canon LEGRIA FS46 Camcorder - Black (37x Optical Zoom, 2.7 inch Widescreen LCD)

Technical Details

    * 8GB Dual Flash memory: record over 5 hours to the built-in memory, or to SDXC and Eye-Fi cards for easy sharing
    * 41x Advanced Zoom and Dynamic IS for stable shots on the move
    * Easy-to-use Dual Shot mode: one button for video, one for photos
    * 6.7cm widescreen LCD captures high quality 16:9 movies
    * New Night Scene mode for beautiful night shots

Product details

    * Item Weight: 222 g
    * Boxed-product Weight: 1.4 Kg
    * Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required.
    * Item model number: 5025B007AA
    * ASIN: B004INGLSU
    * Date first available at 5 Jan 2011
    * Amazon Bestsellers Rank: 49,319 in Electronics

Product Description
Manufacturer's Description

Quality videos - effortless fun with 16GB of internal Dual Flash Memory

Creating and sharing quality videos is effortless fun with the incredibly lightweight and compact LEGRIA FS 46. Not only does it create brilliant Standard Definition (SD) movies but its tiny size means you can take it with you wherever you go.

With 16GB of internal Dual Flash Memory and a removable SD/SDHC card, the LEGRIA FS 46 provides Relay Recording which means you'll never have to stop shooting to swap memory format. What's more, the LEGRIA FS 46 allows you to record at up to 17Mbps, for the highest quality image.

Features include:

    * 41x Advanced Zoom lens
    * Dynamic Optical Image Stabilizer for steady recordings
    * 2.7" widescreen LCD display
    * 16GB [...]

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Shabri Movie Review

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Conan The Barabarian 3D Review

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Bodyguard Music Review (Salman Khan)

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Latest Bollywood Movies Reviews

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Mere Brother Ki Dulhan Music Review

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Bodyguard Review (Salman Khan Kareena Kapoor)

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