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Rajinikanth Death News Is Fake | Rajinikanth Latest News | Rajinikanth Latest Health problem | Rajinikanth in Hospital

Tag : Rajinikanth Death News Is Fake,Rajinikanth Latest News,Rajinikanth Latest Health problem,Rajinikanth in Hospital

With the results of the election of the Tamil Nadu State, which is a heated debate among the people, the latest hot news surrounding the industry is that Superstar Rajinikanth is dead.

Rajinikanth Latest News: Superstar Rajinikanth was recently in the news not for his latest film but in stead for being admitted to the hospital. The actor was admitted earlier this week to the St. Isabel Hospital in Chennai following complaints of breathlessness and fever.

However, he was discharged soon as he had returned to normal health. Well now it's heard that the man has been readmitted to same hospital on Wednesday due to high fever and allergic bronchitis.

Superstar Rajinikanth's fans all over India broke down with the frequent sickness of their matinee idol and held prayers for the speedy recovery of the superstar. In a span of less than one week, Rajini was admitted to hospital twice. First, the actor was rushed to the Isabel hospital where he was diagnosed with dehydration and again when he resumed the shooting of 'Rana', he was admitted to the same hospital following breathing problem.

His condition is said to be stable now. Rajinikanth's daughter Aishwarya Dhanush further confirmed saying that there is nothing to worry about as her father was ailing from a common viral fever. She said that the doctors have advised him rest for few days.


आज बिडी झोन मध्ये गप्पा ऐकत बसलो होतो. त्या होत्या तमाशा, बारी आणि एकंदर थिएटर विषयीच्या. याबाबत मी स्वतःशी विचार केला असता, पैसा आणि परिस्थिती या दोन्ही बाबत मी स्वतःला सुखी मानतो. कारण जर घरची परिस्थिती जर अत्यंत चांगली (आर्थिक) असती, तर मी काय केले असते देव जाणे!
ज्याला निव्वळ अय्याशी असे म्हणता येईल ती मी सुरुवातीच्या पाच ते दहा वर्षात केली. मात्र ती दुस-यांच्या पैशावर! वयाच्या अठराव्या वर्षापर्यंत माझी दारू नियमित मात्र नियंत्रित होती. त्यावेळी माझ्यापेक्षा वयाने मोठ्या असणा-या मित्रांच्या नादाने त्यांच्या पैशांनी हे शौक केले. मात्र अठरा ते तेवीस या वयाच्या काळात मी तेथे जायचो ते फक्त भरपूर दारू पिण्यासाठी! असो.
हे एक आणि दुसरी बाब की मी अजून गांजा वगळता ब्राऊन शुगर/चरस हे कधी पहिले देखील नाही आणि पहायची इच्छा [...]

साजन - सजनी

मी साजन, तू सजनी
मी ययाति, तू देवयानी

मी आकाश, तू  धरती
मी नल, तू दमयंती

मी रुधीर, तू धमणी
मी कान्हा, तू रुक्मिणी

मी अवकाश, तू अवनी
मी बाजिराव, तु मस्तानी
विडंबन - Parody


Corruption Changes DMK’s Political Fortune

The issue of corruption has shut out the political fortune of the incumbent Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam party in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, and swept into power the state's main opposition All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam party.

A supporter of AIADMK holds a party’s election symbol during celebration of the party’s victory.

The AIADMK, led by ex-movie star J. Jayalalithaa recorded a landslide victory Friday, winning 150 seats in the 234-member Tamil Nadu assembly; the DMK has won 23 seats and its ally the Congress Party, 5 seats, according to the Election Commission of India.

During last assembly elections in 2006, the AIADMK won 61 seats; the DMK and Congress won 96 and 34 seats respectively.

Political experts say Friday's verdict indicates that the issue of corruption has emerged as the main influential factor in this election, and became the public’s main concern across the country.

"The problems for the DMK are not over," said Cho S. Ramaswamy, a well-known political commentator. "The verdict has marked the beginning of the end for the regional party."

The assembly elections in Tamil Nadu were held against the backdrop of a telecom-licensing scandal in which former telecom minister and senior DMK leader Andimuthu Raja, has been charged with wrongdoing in the allocation of spectrum licenses, leading to his arrest this February.

Also charged in the scam is DMK leader and outgoing Chief Minister M. Kar [...]

शिवसेनेचा मुस्लीम महासंघ ..... आता बोला?

अतिशय हास्यास्पद प्रकार आहे हा. असो, आम्ही काय बोलणार? अश्या गोष्टी निवडणुका डोळ्यासमोर ठेऊन करायच्या नसतात ..... त्या तुमच्या तत्वात असल्या पाहिजेत.

खालील लेख म टा च्या सौजन्याने .....

दरवर्षी मुस्लीम मोहल्ल्यातला प्रचार फिरकापरस्त (धर्मांध) या शब्दाभोवती फिरतो. 'तीर कमान हमारे सिनेको छलनी करने आया है...', अशी आरोळी मुंबई-ठाण्यातल्या मुस्लिम मोहल्ल्यांमध्ये ठोकून शिवसेनेच्या विरोधात प्रचार चालतो. मात्र, आजवर चार हात लांब राहिलेल्या मुस्लिमांना आकर्षित करण्यासाठी शिवसेनेने चक्क मुस्लिम महासंघाची स्थापना केली आहे.

ठाणे महापालिकेच्या निवडणुका वर्षभरावर येऊन ठेपल्या आहेत. मुंब्य्रात महापालिकेचे जवळपास १६ प्रभाग असून ठाणे शह [...]

Morning a Worderful Time

'Mòrñìñg'ìs à wòñdrfùl tìmè"2Prày" "2Lòvè" "2çàrè" "2Smìlè" "2Rèlàx"
àñd 2 Thàñk GOD
4 àll He givès ù
"Gòòd Mòrñìñg."

Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections 2011 Results,Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections 2011,Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections 2011 Exit Poll

Tag : Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections 2011 Results,Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections 2011,Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections 2011 Exit Poll

Tamil Nadu marks the southernmost boundary of India and is spread across 511 sq kms. It's India's 11th largest state and seventh largest in terms of population.

Tamil Nadu has already seen 13 assembly elections and the state politics has always revolved around few prominent personalities. Congress was a powerful force in the state till the mid 1960s. But anti-Hindu protests and mass agitations soon made DMK the popular choice and in 1967 DMK's Annadurai became the Chief Minister. After Annadurai's death in 1969, M Karunanidhi became the C M. 1972 saw one of the biggest political forces to emerge from Tamil Nadu, M G Ramachandran. M G broke from DMK and floated his own party ADMK, which was later renamed as AIADMK. MG was the CM of the state from 1977 to 1987, the year he died. J Jayalalithaa was later elected as General Secretary of AIADMK. Since then, it has been a clear war between DMK and AIADMK, or Karunanidhi and Jayalalithaa, with voters choosing either of the two in subsequent elections.

Over the past decade, some smaller parties have found favour with the voters. Vijayakanth's DMDK, Vaiko's MDMK and Ramdoss's PMK along with Congress, all have the capability to become the king makers, in case a clear majority is not achieved by DMK and AIADMK.

Click Here For  Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections 2011 Results and Letest Updates

DRDO Admit Card CEPTAM-04 Exam Date Schedule Time Table

DRDO CEPTAM-04 Exam Schedule and Admit Card 2011

Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)
The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is a agency of the Republic of India, responsible for the development of technology for use by the military, headquartered in New Delhi, India. It was formed in 1958 by the merger of Technical Development Establishment and the Directorate of Technical Development and Production with the Defence Science Organisation.

Admit Card here:


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एक वीस-बावीस वर्षाची  तरुणी. तिचे एका तरुणावर प्रेम. हा तरुण कमी शिकलेला,  बेरोजगार. त्या मुलीचे वडील त्याला घरी बोलावतात. पण अपमान करून घालवतात. तो जातो.
त्यानंतर एक पावसाळी रात्र. ती मुलगी त्या रात्री पावसात नावेने नदी ओलांडून त्या मुलाकडे जाते. नावाडी मुलीच्या निरुपायाचा फायदा घेऊन तिच्याकडून अंगठी, चैन घेतो..मात्र तिला पैलतीरी पोचवतो.
ती मुलगी त्या मुलाकडे येते. मात्र..तो तिला नाकारतो आणि येथून निघून जा असे सांगतो.
त्याचवेळी तिथे एक दुसरा मुलगा उपस्थित होतो. तो तिला सांगतो, की त्याचे तिच्यावर खूप-खूप प्रेम आहे..मात्र ती दुस-याशीच प्रेम करत असल्याने आणि हे त्याला ठावूक असल्याने तो काही बोलला नव्हता. तेंव्हा आता तू माझ्याशी लग्न करशील का? असे तो दुसरा मुलगा विचारतो.
यावर ती मुलगी चटकन तयार होते. आणि ती मुलगी � [...]

काळ - वेळ

जिवन सगळे कसे सरुन गेले
काळाच्या पडद्याआड विरुन गेले 

बरेचसे करायचे राहुन गेले
थोडेसे जगायचे राहुन गेले

भुतकाळ वर्तमानात स्मरुन गेले
वर्तमान भविष्यात गढून गेले

ऊभे आयुष्य असे जळुन गेले
काही क्षण मात्र तरळून गेले

Tamilnadu Election 2011 Results,Tamilnadu Election 2011,Tamilnadu Election 2011 Exit Poll

Tag : Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections 2011 Results,Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections 2011,Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections 2011 Exit Poll,Tamilnadu Election 2011 Results,Tamilnadu Election 2011,Tamilnadu Election 2011 Exit Poll,Tamilnadu Election Results,Tamilnadu Election,Tamilnadu Election Exit Poll,Tamil Nadu State Election Results 2011,Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections Result 2011,Tamil Nadu State Election Result,Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections Results,Tamil Nadu Assembly,Elections Exit Poll 2011,Tamil Nadu State Election Exit Poll 2011

Tamilnadu election 2011 Results:

Tamil Nadu is an important state in political considerations. Tamilnadu election 2011 results are going to be interesting. Elections in this state are actively followed by people. People of state choose ruling parties alternatively. For one term one party is allowed to rule and for rival party is chosen. Two parties AIDMK and DMK are going to put their impact over Tamilnadu election 2011 result. Final Tamilnadu election 2011 date is yet to be declared by election commission of India.

Click Here For  Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections 2011 Results and Letest Updates

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Rajinikanth Dead | Rajinikanth Death News

Rajinikanth | Rajinikanth Dead | Rajinikanth Death News | Rajinikanth Latest News | Rajinikanth Dead Latest News | Rajinikanth Passed Away | Rajinikanth Passes Away | Rajinikanth Actor Dead

There is some rumours on web, the family of superstar Rajinikanth on Friday said he was fine and had to take some rest following his recent hospitalisation. "Rajinikanth dead" was one of the top Twitter and Google Search on Friday, all because of rumours circulating about superstar's death. "Rajinikanth death" and "rajinikanth died" were the top two most searched for keywords on Google India.

tags : Rajinikanth, Rajinikanth Dead, Rajinikanth Death News, Rajinikanth Latest News, Rajinikanth Dead Latest News, Rajinikanth Passed Away, Rajinikanth Passes Away, Rajinikanth Actor Dead

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Mamata Banerjee | CM Mamata Banerjee | Mamata Banerjee Photos | Mamata Banerjee Videos |

Trinamool Mamata Banerjee rise to power, a grass who Mamata Banerjee now lead West Bengal Chief Minister. Trina means 'Ghaas' in hindi, Mool is 'Jad' in hindi and it translate in english to GrassRoot, so Mamata 'Trinamool' Banerjee has literally swapped away 'Hasiya, Hathoda' left government running for thirty four years.

Mamata Banerjee Photo 'Chalchitra' - Chief Minister of West Bengal, AITMC - All India Trinamool Congress Chairperson Mamata Banerjee Photos addressing the National Level function organized in India :-
Mamata Banejee Photo

Mamata Banerjee live can be seen in Mamata Banerjee Video below, her voice, her style, her body language, a total Mamata Banerjee video - Mamata Banerjee History Victory Speech, addressing the rally function in English Language, all peoples, fans of Mamata Banerjee clapping with zeel and the Shankh sounding by the Pandits on the victory of the Mamata Banerjee Victory :-

India This Evening: Poll Results Come as Balm for Troubled Congress

Here is a roundup of news from Indian newspapers, news wires and Web sites on Friday, May 13, 2011. The Wall Street Journal has not verified these stories and does not vouch for their accuracy.

Poll Results Come as Balm for Troubled Congress: The results of the Assembly elections in Assam, Kerala and West Bengal may have come as a balm for the Congress that was badly battered by a series of scams in the last few months. (Source: PTI)

CPI(M) Says West Bengal Voted for Change; Admits Mistakes: Ousted from power in West Bengal after three decades, the CPI(M) said Trinamool Congress has reaped the benefits of people’s aspiration for “change” to inflict the “big defeat” on the party but admitted that it too has committed “mistakes”. (Source: PTI)

Kadapa Bypoll: Jagan Mohan Reddy Wins by 5,21,635 Votes: YSR Congress party chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy was declared elected from the Kadapa Lok Sabha seat on Friday. He won by a majority of 5,21,635 votes. to high-profile constituency in Andhra Pradesh. (Source: Times of India)

SC Quashes Disqualification of 16 Karnataka MLAs: In a major blow to the ruling BJP in Karnataka, the Supreme Court on Friday quashed the Assembly Speaker’s decision to disqualify 16 MLAs ahead of the no confidence motion last year which had ensured survival of the Yeddyurappa government. (Source: IBN Live)


Anna University Counselling Schedule TNEA Dates Schedule

Anna University TNEA Counselling 2011 Schedule 

Anna University is a premier technical university in Tamil Nadu, India, with a focus on higher education in engineering, technology and applied sciences. Anna University was formed on September 4, 1978, as a unitary university that integrated four technical institutions in the city of Chennai (previously known as Madras), including the College of Engineering, Guindy, established in 1794, and Madras Institute of Technology, established in 1949. Between 2007 and 2010 it was split into six universities, namely, Anna University, Chennai, Anna University of Technology, Chennai, Anna University of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, Anna University of Technology, Coimbatore, Anna University of Technology Tirunelveli and Anna University of Technology, Madurai.

Important Dates:
Date of Issue of Forms: First Week of May 2011

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The Left Introspects: ‘We Became Too Bourgeois’

By Jyoti Malhotra

Rupak De Chowdhuri/Reuters
Supporters of Trinamool Congress with their faces colored with green powder.

By mid-morning, joyous supporters had already thronged All India Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee's home and party office, coloring themselves with green powder—the party's color—and dancing wildly to drummers.

But much of the rest of Kolkata was quiet, with Ms. Banerjee having banned victory rallies for fear of clashes with Left party cadres. For Marxist leaders, it was a particularly sober day, one in which one leader after another spoke of the need to "introspect" on why West Bengal's Left Front government was defeated after 34 years in power.

In interviews today, Ms. Banerjee has spoken of political violence in the state that has killed tens of thousands, although she did not make personal comments about her opponents.

A Refresher for J. Jayalalithaa on Good Governance

The expected change is here.

Dibyangshu Sarkar/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images
AIADMK leader J. Jayalalithaa waves to her party supporters from residence on Friday.

All signs point to victory for the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam alliance led by J. Jayalalithaa in the Tamil Nadu assembly polls, for which results were announced Friday. The incumbent chief minister K. Karunanidhi is expected to lose by a huge margin.

The question, though, is: How much of a change is it really?

Ms. Jayalalithaa, no stranger to allegations of corruption and embezzlement, promises to clean up the southern Indian state that has a former cabinet minister of the DMK party in Tihar jail on allegations of corruption.

Her party spokesman says this will be a "corruption-free" rule.

Still, we thought Ms. Jayalalithaa could do with a refresher to help the next state government live up to that promise.

1.     If there's a wedding in the family, give invitations to friends and family like the rest of us do. There really is no need for huge cutouts of the chief minister or the couple at every street corner.

2.     Roads and streets belong to everybody. If the chief minister is going somewhere, it doesn't mean everyone else has to stay at home. We understand that other speeding vehicles are a concern, but a smallish convoy should suffice, [...]

How Can Sex And Suspense Be Away From Ragini MMS Review?

Ragini MMS is a movie from the Ekta Kapoor, Balaji Telefilms banner. A look into the Ragini MMS review shows that the movie is centered round a young couple named Ragini and Uday. They went to a friend's farmhouse in the outskirts of Mumbai and their basic motive of going there was nothing but doing sex.
Ragini was not aware of the plans of his boyfriend who planned to shoot a sex tape out of it and sell it in the market at a high price. In the meantime, a third person comes into the picture who have fitted many such cameras in the farmhouse to spoil their intimate moments. But, to everybody's expectations, Uday and Ragini was captured by some supernatural force and were left at his mercy.

While writing the Ragini MMS review, I must admit that the movie is a good blend of sex, horror and real life thrill. The director has simply made the audience stunned as every silence scene is dominated by some paranormal activities.

The visuals of the Ragini MMS movie are simply extraordinary. The songs in the film are also inserted at the right place and the background score has really lifted the tempo.

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West Bengal Through the Crystal Ball

By Arnab Ray

'I remember an uncle of mine saying loudly, 'Two things I will not see before I die– India winning the soccer World Cup and the Left front getting voted out. Well, dear uncle: You have just witnessed the more improbable of the two.'

It was sometime in the late 80s. The Red Baron of the Left Front Jyoti Basu ruled supreme in West Bengal. Bang in the middle of summer, Kolkata was in the grip of yet another apocalyptic spell of power cuts, so severe that even those enamored of the anti-imperial state government could not help from quipping —"I will take you from darkness to light said Jeesu.  I will take you from light to darkness says Boshu," (Jeesu is Bengali for Jesus and Boshu is how Bengalis pronounce Basu).

One evening, as our entire locality plunged into darkness, I remember an uncle of mine swearing loudly, "Two things I will not see before I die– India winning the soccer World Cup and the Left front getting voted out."

Well, dear uncle: You have just witnessed the more improbable of the two.

For our generation, which grew up in the poisonous shadow of nearly three-and-a-half decades of Communist Party India (Marxist)/Left-front rule, the coming to power of the Trinamool Congress is a Berlin-wall-breaking moment.  Once upon a time one of country's leading regions, under Communist rule West Bengal has lagged behind nearly every state on almost all indices of development. Yet it didn't seem to matter to the electoral fortunes of the Reds—they had dug their tentacles so deep into every institution in Bengal that it seemed impossible to wrench the state from their lifeless hands. Now,  the Left's bastion has finally been breached.

On Friday the 13th, no less.

For this dramatic collapse, we can thank Mr. Basu's successor, Buddhadeb Bhattacharya's severely botched attempts to industrialize the state and his administration's continued use of violence [...]

KSEEB SSLC Result Karnataka Board Exam Result Secondary

SSLC Result 2011 Karnataka

Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board (KSEEB) 

Karnataka SSLC Examination Result

Karnataka SSLC Results will be announced On 12th May 2011 after 7:00 PM

Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board came in to existence in the year 1966, has been conducting SSLC and other examinations. Every year the students strength is increasing tremendously.


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चारोळ्या     चारोळ्या     चारोळ्या 
---------     ---------    -----------

सायंकाळी कातरवेळी पक्षी
अपुल्या घरटी पळती
पाउले माझीही सहजच
परतीच्या वाटेवर व� [...]

Tujhi Majhi Kahani...तुझी माझी कहाणी...

Tujhi Majhi Kahani...तुझी माझी कहाणी...

घाशीराम कोतवाल या नाटकाचे नव्याने प्रयोग होत आहेत त्याची काही छायाचित्रे2


Video: India’s Political Shake-Up

Election results from four Indian states and a union territory trickled in on Friday. The early results show a major setback for the Communist party in West Bengal after the party dominated the state for three decades. WSJ’s Amol Sharma and Tripti Lahiri discuss.

Gambhir to Captain India in West Indies ODIs

Gautam Gambhir will captain India's limited-overs cricket team on the upcoming tour of the West Indies, the Board of Control for Cricket in India announced Friday.

William West/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images
Gautam Gambhir plays a shot during World Cup 2011 final between India and Sri Lanka.

Suresh Raina will be vice-captain of the squad, which is missing some of India's biggest stars, including World Cup-winning captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, top batsman Sachin Tendulkar and bowler Zaheer Khan, who are being rested after a grueling run of tournaments and series.

All three will be available for the West Indies Test series, which follows the ODIs, the BCCI said on its website. India will play five ODIs against the West Indies from June 6 to June 16, followed by three Test matches on June 20, June 28 and July 6.

युतीचे ओझे वाहायचे नाही!

खालील लेख म टा च्या सौजन्याने ..........................

शिवसेनेत असताना बराच मनस्ताप भोगला आहे. त्यामुळे आता शिवसेना-भाजप यांच्या युतीत शिरण्यामध्ये मला काहीही स्वारस्य नाही. या दोघांचेच एकमेकांशी पटत नसून सतत भांडणे सुरू आहेत. त्यांच्या युतीमध्ये सहभागी होऊन मला डोक्यावर ओझे वाहायचे नाही, अशा शब्दांत महाराष्ट्र नवनिर्माण सेनेचे अध्यक्ष राज ठाकरे यांनी गोपीनाथ मुंडे यांच्या प्रस्तावाची खिल्ली उडवली. वयाच्या साठीला माझ्या हाती सत्ता सोपवू नका तर येत्या महापालिका निवडणुकीत मतदारांनी आपला कौल मनसेला द्यावा, असे आवाहन राज यांनी केले.

महाराष्ट्र नवनिर्माण सेनेच्या स्थापनेला उद्या बुधवारी ९ मार्च रोजी पाच वर्षे पूर्ण होत आहेत. त्या पार्श्वभ� [...]

Muhabat kay safar mai

sad sms urdu poetry
Muhabat kay safar mai ussko khona he muqdr tha
Ussay mai dooash kia deta,meri taqdeer aise thi

Karnataka SSLC Examination Result KSEEB SSLC Result

SSLC Result 2011 Karnataka

Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board (KSEEB) 

Karnataka SSLC Examination Result

Karnataka SSLC Results will be announced On 12th May 2011 after 7:00 PM

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