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Punjabi Soorme Prithvi Jassal And Maninder Shinda New Songs Free Download

Punjabi Soorme Prithvi Jassal And Maninder Shinda: Maninder Shinda and Prithvi Jassal New Song Punjabi Soorme Free Download. Free Download New Song of Maninder Shinda.

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Punjabi Soorme Prithvi Jassal And Maninder Shinda

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Smallpox Virus – If Destroyed What Harm It Can Do?

A controversy has hit the market over the destruction of the last remaining samples of the smallpox virus. World Health Organization is debating whether the time has finally come to destroy those last samples of smallpox. The viruses have been securely kept in some of the labs in Unites States and Russia.

The debate is going on the issue whether the samples of smallpox needed to be destroyed or not. The people who are favoring the destruction are of the view that any deliberate misuse of the virus may re-emerge the disease. But those opposing the destruction are of the point that since the viruses have been stored there for more than three decades, chance of anything happening worse is miniscule.

If all the samples are destroyed, then no samples will be left behind for further research. It will be dangerous to the children of our future generations. If by any chance, the disease comes back, then there will be no scope of research.

Smallpox was one of the most devastating diseases faced by mankind. The disease killed more than 300 million people alone in the 20th century. Those who did not die from the disease were left either blind or scarred. But due to a massive vaccination campaign against the disease, it got eliminated in the year 1980. In that year, WHO asked all the nations to transfer their collection of smallpox viruses to one or two of their specified labs in United State [...]

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Yeh Ishq Haaye 29th April 2011 Written Update

The episode starts with Manjari calling Puja but Puja who is at cafe dont pick her call purposely. Anushka consoles a worried Manjari saying that Puja might have gone sumwhere nearby but Manjari is still worried thinking Puja is not well {she is perfectly fine Manjari, get ur di natak soon}. . Anushka tells try to call Puja again.

In cafe, Puja notices Akshay {Again in that cream shirt. . . And looking dashing as always . . his repeated shirts remind me of past beautiful AKSHARI scenes . . .Anyways . . } entering the office. Akshay gets a call from Manjari. a crying Manjari tells him that Puja went sumwhere without telling and she is not understanding what to do. Puja listens that Akshay is talking to Manjari. Akshay says to Manjari not to worry and he is with him. . {that u always and will be with her Akshay . . } and Then hesitantly tells her to stop crying too, after enquiring about Puja they wil search for her. Just then Puja call Akshay. Manjari hears Puja's voice and gets happy and says "Thank god, di mil gayi. Thank U Akshay, tumne mujhe phir se ek baar bacha liya" on which both of them fell silent nd disconnects the call later.

Mallika is discussing with Priyanka and Jc about Puja and Manjari. Mallika says that even though puja shows concern for Manjari but still there is something which shows that she is against Manjari. Priyanka says that Manjari might be playing game by sending Puja to Mallika. Jc gives advice to Mallika of Divide and Rule between the sisters and make them fight. Mallika likes the idea.

Akshay asks Puja why she came here. Puja says she came to help in his presentation for Lonavla. Akshay says that He and Manjari hv done evrything, and it was better if u came here informing at home, Manjari was worried, called u so many times. Puja says her cell was on silent mode. Just then Mallika cums to cafe and hears their convo. Akshay goes on saying that Manjari got worried for u, and u take rest, since Manjari is g [...]

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The National Institute of Rehabilitation Training and Research (NIRTAR) is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India. It is located in a beautiful rural area at Olatpur at a distance of 30 Kms. from Cuttack and Bhubaneswar.

Admission Notice for Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT), Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (BOT), Bachelor of Prosthetic & Orthotics (BPO) at Swami Vivekanand National Institute of Rehabilitation Training & Research (SVNIRTAR), Olatpur, PO: Bairoi, Dist: Cuttack-754010 (Orissa), Ph.No.0671-2805347, website: www.nir [...]

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Minissha Lamba Hot Photo Gallery

Minissha Lamba

Minissha Lamba is an Indian actress who appears in Bollywood films.She has appeared in Yahaan, Bachna Ae Haseeno, Kidnap and Well Done Abba.Minissha was born in a Jat family in Delhi.Her father was in the hospitality business and this gave her the opportunity to travel around the country and meet many people.She can fluently converse in Hindi, Punjabi, English and French.She did her schooling from Sherwood Hall and later on moved to Chettinad Vidyashram, both in Chennai.In 2004 she majored in English with honours from Miranda House, University of Delhi.

Source: wikipedia

minisha minisha 1 minisha 2 minisha 3 [...]

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White iPhone 4 Getting Launched – Rush To Grab Your Piece

After months of waiting the iphone lovers must be very excited since white iPhone 4 is currently showing up in the inventory database of the Best Buy stores. With an April 27 launch date the white version of iPhone 4 will start shipping from tomorrow. Earlier this week a tech blog reported that white iPhone 4 will arrive on Wednesday, April 27th. Since the Apple lovers were waiting for too long, many of them thought it was just another iPhone hoax. But now everything seems to be fine as all their assumptions are put to an end with this latest iPhone buzz.

We have received some screenshots via web where both 16GB and 32GB versions, GSM only, white iPhone 4 are showing up in the pictures. The pictures are taken from various Best Buy stores around the U.S.A. As we have noticed in the photos, most of the stores are carrying only ten 16GB units.

Though US buyers will have to wait few hours more to grab their most anticipated iPhone device, but people in Belgium can avail this hottest gizmo from today.

When iPhone enthusiasts are madly waiting for tomorrow morning for the white iPhone 4, another thing has already started peeking into our mind. If Apple really begins transporting the white version of the iPhone 4 from tomorrow, doesn't that mean there is a chance for the upcoming iPhone 5 to be launched in this autumn as we predicted earlier. It is quite obvious that Apple wouldn't want to cut off the white iPhone 4 sales by releasing the next gen iPhone device in this summer season.   So what do you think? Will you prefer to buy t [...]

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Vinoba Bhave University (VBU) Result 2010 - 2011 - check now -

Vinoba Bhave University (VBU) Result 2010 - 2011 - check now - : The Vinoba Bhave University (VBU) Hazaribag has regularly updates its website ( to declare the result for the exams held regularly. VBU has made the script especially for the candidates which can produce the result only enter by roll number. So candidates need only the roll number to know the Result. We made this page especially for the VBU Result 2010 - 2011. All the old & new results of VBU are available online at the main official website ( of the University. Candidates can get the VBU Result 2010 - 2011 easily by visit link given below.

Remember it, if you are unable to get your result please visit on link given below regularly. Because, when VBU will be uploaded any other result in 2011. We will update the result immediately. Candidates can get the VBU Result 2010 - 2011 directly in your inbox by subscribe your e-mail id in a form given below. You can visit also ( [...]

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Bhaagon Waali 29th April 2011 Written Update

Opening scene: Part 1

Guddu is upset about the demands made by the IM chief that he needs to set up shop by noon next day and how can he achieve all that in such a short time. Runjhun volunteers that in order to fulfill dreams hard work is expected. Jabbo, Kakkan and Mahadevi offer to help. Mama and Mamis continue to make faces and complain about the work that is pending for Runjhun. Amma shoos them off and mentions that Runjhun's patnidharam comes first.

All gather at the C & C Club and start organizing the tasks involved, with Runjhun taking the lead. Work to convert the Club gets underway and so does Jabbo and Mahadevi's romance. As the supplies arrive, Guddu and Runjhun get their smiles back.

Part 2

Smiles , looks and clean-up work continues. Guddu appears in his asli swaroop (headband and tee shirt) and so do his buddies. Everyone rolls up their sleeves and gets down to work happily as the clock ticks away. Runjhun and Guddu keep an eye on each other and help each other out as work progresses.

Part 3

Work continues through the night and morning arrives. Runjhun gets on the ladder to help with erasing some of the signs and loses balance and Guddu is working right underneath and catches her. He lets go of her after a short pause, looks slightly annoyed at her at why she has to do this task. Everyone stops to look at them. He asks her to let go of the task and do something else. An hour is left and painting work according to specification of IM is underway. A color is missing and Guddu yells at Kukkan who says he could not find the color. Runjhun comes to the rescue that they dye saris as a business and she is sure some color is left and she can make arrangements. Guddu asks her to hurry.

Painting continues and Guddu accidently gets paint on Runjhun. She turns around and puts paint on his arm - this happens a couple of times and there are looks and smiles again. Mahadevi and Jabbo smile [...]

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RNC Jaipur GNM 2 Year Exam Result 2011

RNC Result 2011

Rajasthan Nursing Council published GNM 2nd Year Exam Result January 2011.

RNM Jaipur Examination Results 2011.

Result at

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Billions Watched The Royal Wedding Coverage

With the clock at Westminister Abbey striking eleven, all eyes were at the bride'sgorgeous gown as Kate Middleton descended the car to walk down the aisle with herfather Michael Middleton. Over two billion people watched the live royal weddingcoverage right from the pre nuptial preparations to the moment when the couple leftthe Abbey wed riding on the horse drawn carriage all the way upto the BuckinghamPalace.

While the bridal attire proved to be the best-kept secret after a long time,citizens across the world could not help but marvel at the way so that the ceremonyran smoothly till the very end when Prince William and Kate left the Church officiallyas man and wife.
As the royal wedding coverage of BBC stated, the whole wedding which inspiteof being quite a communal affair had its intimate moments. Social scientist TerriOrbuch who had been watching the royal wedding coverage points out how amidstall the rituals there were little moments of intimacies when both Kate and Williamexchanged quick glances at each other. The rituals of the wedding were quite in syncwith tradition replete with hymns and verses. However, what was different and uniqueabout this royal wedding was the modern and contemporary spirit that made Williamand Kate equals as partners in the nuptial knot. The royal couple stated later after thewedding that they have been moved by the reaction of the public and their supportdoes mean a lot to this wedding, which brings a fairy tale beginning long after a tragicending.

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PSEB 8th Class Result 2011 - check now -

PSEB 8th Class Result 2011 - check now - : The Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) Mohali 8th Class Results 2011 will declared soon at the main official website of the Board ( PSEB 8th Class (Middle) Examination is conducted every year in March / April. This year, PSEB 8th Class Examination was held on 11.03.2011 to 21.03.2011. After the examination, all the students (who had appeared the PSEB 8th Class Examination 2011) were waiting the results. As per announcement, PSEB 8th Class Result 2011 will be published soon online at the main official website ( of the Board. Candidates, who had appeared the PSEB 8th Class Examination 2011 will get the results easily by visit link given as follow.

The Punjab School Education Board - PSEB, Mohali has regularly updates its website ( to declare the result for the exams held regularly. PSEB has mad [...]

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Aarumugam (2009) Movie Download DVDRiP



Aarumugam DVDRIP Movie Download

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Choti Bahu Season 2 29th April 2011 Written Update

Purohit House

NO Slapping scene

Todays epi starts with Rohan asking Dev tell me Dev ?? Dev keeps silence and everyone looks at Dev ..
Rohan I remember you said your DG's marriage is fixed with someone so that means that girl is Radhika?? Dev interrupts No Rohan nothing like that '.Rohan leaves from there ... Dev follows him but Viraat catches him and yells at him we have done great mistake trusting a orphan '.Mohini says who knew Dev would behave like this ..BB goes near Dadaji and tells see what he has done he is the orphan who was brought in this house and and took care like your own grandson 'whom you trusted a lot becoz of him Rohan marriage is not going to happen before his 23rd bday ..Suddenly they hear loud noise from Rohan's room everyone look shocked and they all move to the room shouting Rohan .. Padma knocks the door listen to me Rohan 'Rohan inside the room breaks everything & shouts I don't want to listen anything' BB thinks in her mind If something happens to Rohan then all the property will go to trust ..She shouts Rohan plz come out you will marry the girl who you loved ..Rohan replies how Badima Radhika is loving Dev how she will marry me ??? asking he cries asking how it will happen?how ? ..

Rohan takes a broken glass piece and cuts his wrist he shouts AHHH'

Dev shouts Rohan Radhika loves you only she did not write that letter I want to tell you the truth plz come out Rohan plz plz ' Rohan comes out and everyone look at him shocked

Part ' 2
Rohan comes out angrily and asks tell me what are you going to say? Dev yes Rohan that letter was for me only but it was not from Radhika it was from the girl whom I loved was a coincidence the marriage of that girl was also fixed on the same day of yours .. She wrote that letter for me she deliberately is not doing any of rasams...all the functions are also incomplete with her did you remember you saw a girl talking with me outside, she is [...]

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People Who Have Been Omitted From Royal Wedding Guest List

While the royal wedding of the decade showcased the likes of guest like David andVictoria Beckham one is compelled to wonder how the US President Barrack Obamaand his wife Michelle Obama have been left out of the royal wedding guest list.Musings and controversies over the omissions being deliberate for one reason or theother continue even after the royal wedding ceremony comes to an end. While Obamatops the list, one cannot miss out the former Prime Ministers of Britain, Tony Blairand Gordon Brown who were omitted from the royal wedding guest list too for someunknown reason.
In case of Obama the reason might have been the demand for more security if Obamawas invited which would had caused a hole even in the regal pocket. However in caseof the former Prime Ministers, the whole ceremony not being an official occasionof the State justifies no necessary protocol to invite them until they are personallyfavoured. Moreover, a spokesperson of Prince William has also stated the reason ofthe Prime Ministers not belonging to the Order of the Garter in order to make it up tothe royal ceremony. This reason however can be taken with a pinch of salt if peopleknow that in Prince Charles wedding the royal wedding guest list comprised offive Prime Ministers who were not a part of this Order. The other people who wereunexpectedly omitted comprised Diana's close confidantes and one might actuallyquestion how Guy Ritchie or a simple lounge barman from Kate's birthplace made itto the ceremony.


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CLAT Admit Card 2011

CLAT 2011

The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is an all India entrance examination conducted by 11 National Law Universities for admissions to their under graduate and post graduate degree programmes (LL.B & LL.M).

Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) Admit Card 2011.


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PSEB 10th Class Result 2011 - check now -

PSEB 10th Class Result 2011 - check now - : The Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) Mohali 10th Class Results 2011 will declared soon at the main official website of the Board ( PSEB 10th Class (Matriculation) Examination is conducted every year in March / April. This year, PSEB 10th Class Examination was held on 21.03.2011 to 11.04.2011. After the examination, all the students (who had appeared the PSEB 10th Class Examination 2011) were waiting the results. As per announcement, PSEB 10th Class Result 2011 will be published soon online at the main official website ( of the Board. Candidates, who had appeared the PSEB 10th Class Examination 2011 will get the results easily by visit link given as follow.

The Punjab School Education Board - PSEB, Mohali has regularly updates its website ( to declare the result for the exams held regularly [...]

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Rajinikanth Admits in Hospital

Actor Rajinikanth

Superstar Rajinikanth on Friday was admitted to a Chennai hospital, hours after giving the mahurat shot for his new film RANA.His wife Latha said he is suffering from stomach infections while hospital sources said the actor complained of blood pressure problems.

Latha said Rajinikanth is out of danger and there is no need to panic.According to reports the 60 year old actor is likely to be discharged from hospital on Saturday.


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Balika Vadhu 29th April 2011 Written Update

Part 1
Jag was sitting n thinking abt bhairon disowning him n who his family supported him, gauri came n says that she knew, he's worried bcoz of her n ask him not to wrry for her health but she feels gud when he got worried for her , jag ask her if she supports him or not n she says that she's always with him in thick n thin n thy hug.
Bhairon returning home ask the jeep driver to take the jeep to other side n he reach the hospital , thr he breaks the lock in anger , the gaurd sees n informs basant abt this n thy all soon leave for hospital, thr bhairon remembers each n every moment of how anandi supports jag decision of becoming doc, his becoming doc, DS's happiness, hospital inaguration, jag gng back to mumbai, bhairon n jag's conversation, he enters the cabin n sees the name plate n thros it in anger n take a rod n start breaking things thr n he was saying that it was his mistake , he's the culprit , soon basant n family reached thr n basant holds bhairon n tries to control him but he was very hurt, while asking abt jag he says that he's dead now n ask for calling barber for cutting his hair as thr's a dead happen in family, he ask massa to call pandit for puja n massa slaps him, n he broke down crying n says the truth that jag was living with another girl, he loves her n wanna marry her, listening this all goes in shock , sumitra loose patience n anandi remembers jag's words n breakdown on floor , gehna tk cre of her.
Part 2
Bhairon ask for pardon as he's the culprit who spoiled his life by getting him married to jag n cries that its btr he would hv remain without a son then to hv a son like jag, he's also a father of a daughter n he spoiled anandi's life , his son has messed it all.
Part 3
Back to home
Bhairon was sitting n crying putting head on massa's lap n massa console him n ask him to stop crying as she knew he has faced it all but crying leads to no solution n bhairon says that he can control his pain but its anandi' [...]

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Air India Cancels 126 Domestic Flights

AI estimates total loss of Rs 26.5 cr due to pilot strike.

Air India Domestic Flights Cancelled
National carrier Air India Ltd. said it canceled 126 local flights Friday as a strike by a group of pilots against what they say are unfair wage practices entered its third day.

Cancellations over the three days and a freeze on fresh ticket bookings have cost the airline 265 million rupees ($5.98 million) in lost revenue, Air India said.

"The number of flights successfully operated [Friday] was 39," the airline said.

Long-haul international flights are operating normally, said the airline, which usually runs 320 local and overseas flights daily.

The Indian federal government merged Air India and Indian Airlines in August 2007, but the company--which has a workforce of 31,000--hasn't been able to bring several departments under one common salary structure.

This has led to strikes by different sections of its workforce on numerous occasions in the past few years.

The ongoing strike was called by former Indian Airlines pilots, belonging to a union named Indian Commercial Pilots Association, who are now flying with Air India.

Air India employs a total of 1,500 pilots.

The airline said it had to cancel 57 flights on the first day of the strike and 96 on the second.

Air India says that the Indian Commercial Pil [...]

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CSIR-CSIO PhD Admission for Engineering and Science Post Graduates

CSIR-Central Scientific Instruments Organisation (CSIR-CSIO) 
Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) 
Sector 30-C, Chandigarh 160 030

CSIR-CSIO offers research (PhD) opportunities to bright young Engineering and Science Post Graduates

The Central Scientific Instruments Organisation (CSIR-CSIO,, a research lab 
under the Council for Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), , 
Government of India invites candidates for following cutting-edg [...]

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PSEB 12th Class Result 2011 - check now -

PSEB 12th Class Result 2011 - check now - : The Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) Mohali 12th Class Results 2011 will declared soon at the main official website of the Board ( PSEB 12th Class (Sr. Secondary) Examination is conducted every year in March / April. This year, PSEB 12th Class Examination was held on 11.03.2011 to 08.04.2011. After the examination, all the students (who had appeared the PSEB 12th Class Examination 2011) were waiting the results. As per announcement, PSEB 12th Class Result 2011 will be published soon online at the main official website ( of the Board. Candidates, who had appeared the PSEB 12th Class Examination 2011 will get the results easily by visit link given as follow.

The Punjab School Education Board - PSEB, Mohali has regularly updates its website ( to declare the result for the exams held regularly [...]

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Chalo Dilli Review, Chalo Dilli Movie Review, Chalo Dilli Hindi Movie Review

Tag : Chalo Dilli Review, Chalo Dilli Movie Review, Chalo Dilli Hindi Movie Review

Chalo Dilli Movie Cast and Crew:
  • Status : Released
  • Release Date : 29/04/2011
  • Language : Hindi
  • Genre : Drama
  • Artists (Cast) : Akshay Kumar Lara Dutta Vinay Pathak Yana Gupta
  • Producer : Kavita Bhupathi Chadda Krishika Lulla
  • Director : Shashant Shah
  • Production Company(s) : Bheegi Basanti Entertainment Big Daddy Productions Eros International Media Ltd
  • Music Director : Anand Raj Anand Gourov Dasgupta Rohit Kulkarni Roshan Balu Sachin Gupta
  • Lyrics : Anand Raj Anand Krishika Lulla Manthan Nisha Mascarenhas Shabbir Ahmed
  • Screenplay : Arshad Syed
  • Story Writer : Arshad Syed
  • Playback Singer : June Banerjee Kamal Heer Natalie Di Luccio Neeraj Shridhar Raja Hasan Sukhwinder Singh
  • Cinematographer : Nikos Andritsakis
  • Executive Producer : Ram Mirchandani
Chalo Dilli Hindi Movie Review:

Delhi is the 'centre of attraction' these days with movie-makers setting the premise of their films in this city. Whether it was the thoroughly enjoyable BAND BAAJ [...]

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DD vs KKR – Delhi Has To Score 149 To Win|Sports News

In the 33rd IPL match between DD vs KKR, Kolkata Knight Riders scored 148 for 7. Delhi Daredevils will have to score 149 to win the match. Manoj Tiwary of KKR scored a wonderful 61. The DD vs KKR match is being held at the Ferozshah Kotla ground in New Delhi.

In the match, Manoj Tiwary hit 37 balls half century when Yadav dismissed Yusuf Pathan and Eoin Morgan in two successive deliveries. Yusuf was caught by Irfan in Yadav's ball and in the next ball Morgan made a mistimed shot and the catch was taken by none other than wicket keeper Naman Ojha.


The match between DD vs KKR took an interesting turn when Gautam Gambhir was caught by Venugopal Rao in the deep mid wicket. Gautam hit 2 fours in his 19 balls innings and scored 18 runs. Delhi Daredevils got the breakthrough when Irfan Pathan and Ajit Agarkar dismissed Jacques Kallis and Shreevats Goswami. After 2 overs, Delhi were 14 for 1.

The teams are –

Delhi Daredevils: Virender Sehwag (Capt.), David Warner, Yogesh Nagar, Naman Ojha, Y Venugopal Rao, Irfan Pathan, James Hopes, Morne Morkel, Ajit Agarkar, Umesh Yadav, Travis Birt.

Kolkata Knight Riders: Gautam Gambhir (Capt.), Jacques Kallis, Shreevats Goswami, Manoj Tiwary, Yusuf Pathan, Eoin Morgan, Ryan ten Do [...]

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UPSC Special Class Apprentices Exam Result 2011

UPSC Result 2011

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is a constitutional body in India authorized to conduct examinations for appointment to the various Civil Services of India. The Indian Constitution provides for a Public Service Commission for the union and a Public Service Commission for each state.

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) published Special Class Apprentices Written Test Result 2010.


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