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The Actress Denies Bipasha Basu Amar Singh Conversation

Bipasha Basu, the hot and ravishing actress of Bollywood has allegedly denied her taped telephonic conversation done with former Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh on Thursday.

In reference to the allegation, Bipasha claimed that she has been beleaguered with calls from media, who are curious in knowing my reaction towards the inundated conversation happened between me and Amar Singh.

She clearly rejected the convo, and reported that the voice over the telephone is not hers and she has been unwontedly dragged by media into the controversy. He further clarified that her voice has unique individuality and does not matches with the voice that has been released in the tape.

However, the whole brag came into limelight when Supreme Court has lifted the ban over the suppressed order filed by the former Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh over the telephonic conversation between them in 2006.


Although the conversation happened between the two is released in the local newspaper with the heading as 'Age Matters between the Legs: Amar Singh to Bips' as follows:

Bipasha Basu: ok tell me, when are we meeting?

Amar Singh: I am quite bust but wherever you say.

Bipasha Basu: OK sweetie

Amar Singh: So nice of you for remembering me.

Bipasha Basu: Yeah, it's my pleasure

Amar Singh: Old person like [...]

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Tamilnadu Election Results,Tamilnadu Election,Tamilnadu Election Exit Poll

Tag : Tamilnadu Election Results,Tamilnadu Election,Tamilnadu Election Exit Poll

Tamilnadu election 2011

Tamil Nadu is an important state in political considerations. Tamilnadu election 2011 results are going to be interesting. Elections in this state are actively followed by people. People of state choose ruling parties alternatively. For one term one party is allowed to rule and for rival party is chosen. Two parties AIDMK and DMK are going to put their impact over Tamilnadu election 2011 result. Final Tamilnadu election 2011 date is yet to be declared by election commission of India.

Click Here For  Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections 2011 Results and Letest Updates

 S. No.      Poll [...]

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हृदयावर तू दिलेला घाव आहे
कोरलेले त्यावर तुझे नाव आहे

आसवांना तू दिले परिमाण माझ्या
घेतला तू या मनाचा ठाव आहे

ही चर्चा तुझ्या रुपाची रंगलेली
बोलणारा वासनांध जमाव आहे

मी कशाला काळजी करु यातनांची
यातनांचा मज बराच सराव आहे



आज आकाश कंदील बनवण्याच्या कारणास्तव आउटपूट झाले नाही, त्यामुळे सेल्व्ज बद्दल काही विचारायचे होते, ते राहून गेले. कारण जे पाच प्रायमरी सेल्व्ज आहेत ते लहानपणापासूनचे वर्तन ध्यानात घेता कमी अधिक प्रमाणात माझ्यात आहेत. पण कांही कांही संदर्भातच. कारण एक पुस्तक वाचत होते, ;मनोविकाराचा मागोवा' तर त्यात उल्लेख केलेले फोबिया, मनिया, मंत्रचळ, स्किझोफ्रेनिया, मद्यपाश! इ.इ. सर्व मला स्वतःला झाल्याचे अथवा त्यांची लक्षणे असल्याचा भास होतो! तर तेंव्हापासून तसले काही वाचतच नाही!!
इतक्या कमी वेळात सेल्फ बद्दल लिहिणे संभव नाही. म्हणून दुर्लक्ष देखील करत नाही.
काही किरकोळ प्रसंगात निकष लावून आपण स्वतःला अमुक एका सेल्ववर काम करायचे असे किरकोळीतच ठरवावे लागते!
किरकोळ उदाहरणच घ्यायचे झा� [...]

Live-Blog: State Election Results

Associated Press
A barricade is seen outside a vote counting center a day before the announcement of election results to the state of West Bengal, in Kolkata on May 12, 2011.

The Wall Street Journal’s India bureau is live-blogging the election results for West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Assam and Puducherry. Stay with us as reporters in New Delhi bring you the results and commentary on what they mean.

11:21 pm | by Tripti Lahiri, lead blog writer

Even as election results are still coming in from this year's state elections, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister has ratcheted up campaigning for next year's vote in her state, which has seen farmer protests in recent days, with a two-page ad in papers today. Some points (punctuation is the ad's) she makes on law and order:

"The era of 'jungle raj,' goonda tax, 'mafia rule' and 'anarchy' inherited in legacy, ends, entirely due to the 'missionary and struggling' efforts of Hon'ble Chief Minister Ms. Mayawati Ji. People coming out of the suffocating 'jungle raj', breathing in, today, the whiff of fresh air of the 'rule of law by law.'


11:23 pm | by Prabha Natarajan, reporter

The big day is here, finally, after nearly a month of waiting for some states--many states voted on April 13, remember, and Assam voted before that.

Lots at stake for the ruling Congress party and the Left parties in India.

11:26 pm | by Prabha Natarajan, reporter

Counting began at 8 a.m., and initial leads are out. Television statio [...]

Shilpa Shetty Pregnant News Has Been Confirmed

Shilpa Shetty, ravishing actress of Bollywood is supposed to be having a baby by this year and she is keenly waiting for her doorstep to the motherhood. The Bombay girl along with his hubby and Co-owner of Rajistan Royals, Raj Kundra are eagerly looking ahead to the completion of their family.

Raj Kundra and Shilpa got married on 22nd November, 2009 and now are on the verge of having their own kids soon.

Though, Shilpa wanted to begin her family life long back in 2009 as per the published media reports. She admiringly stated that she desperately loves kids and going to enter in her motherhood soon. She exclaimed that she has opened a cute little nursery in her house for the kids. She further stated that at least she would like to have two kids in the family life.


She enthusiastically expressed that Raj and she has already made one baby bedroom for their kid, who will be running all over the house just like Raj's nephew.

Shilpa further added that they have ample space for them and their kids as they live on one end of the house while their parents live at the other side.

According to sources, Shilpa to confirm her pregnancy has visited numerous clinics all over the city and the couple is really in a jovial mood after this confirmation.

However, the couple has decided to not publicize the news of pregnancy till the first three months passes away. This will be conferred to just family members and close relatives of Shilpa and Raj Kundra.





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West Bengal election results 2011 live,West Bengal election results 2011 live updates,West Bengal election results 2011 live NDTV,West Bengal election results 2011 live Aajtak,West Bengal election results 2011 live IBN live ,West Bengal election results 2011 live star news

Tag : West Bengal election results 2011 live,West Bengal election results 2011 live updates,West Bengal election results 2011 live NDTV,West Bengal election results 2011 live Aajtak,West Bengal election results 2011 live IBN live ,West Bengal election results 2011 live star news

Tag : West Bengal election results 2011 live,West Bengal election results 2011 live updates,West Bengal election results 2011 live NDTV,West Bengal election results 2011 live Aajtak,West Bengal election results 2011 live IBN live ,West Bengal election results 2011 live star news

Tomorrow results of Assembly election that happened in different phases for different states will start pouring tomorrow from early morning 8AM.

Click Here For Live Update About West Bengal election results 2011

As per the Chief Election Commissioner, a total of 312 halls in West Bengal, from where counting of votes will begin tomorrow across the state.

Counting of votes will be organised in a high security zone and their will be many security personnel has been deputed at the locations set for counting.

As per exit polls results, Trinamul is a sure winner this year breaking the decade record of CPM administration. From these results, Mamata banerjee is a clear winner in the election this year.

But the anxiety will be not over before the actual and complete results strikes the common public. A sharp turnaround is expected in West Bengal this year.

The West Bengal election results live updates will be posted there as it comes across live channels NDTV Aajtak IBN live star news and many more channel. Some of the links you can follow is NDTV live here

Millions Of Americans Believe In The Friday The 13th Superstitions

2011 may well be considered a lucky year for the simple reason that it has only one Friday that falls on the 13th day of a month. For ages now most of us have been afflicted by what is known as a case of bad luck on Friday the 13th or rather the superstition of the case.

Millions of people all across America consider Friday the 13th an unlucky day and for their belief in the superstition do not wish to perform any business transaction on that day, drive a car that day or take any risks whatsoever with the belief that it is highly likely for things to go wrong on that day.

For those who don't quite know where the legend of this day began, they will be pleased to know that it has no documented history behind it. Many believe that Norse mythology is behind the superstition surrounding what seems otherwise just like any other day.

The fear of this day is actually called friggatriskaidekaphobia. This name comes from a conjunction of frigga, the name of the Norse Goddess after whom Friday is named and triskaidekaphobia which means a fear of 13, the number. Difficult to spell names aside this day is known to actually cause losses of $900 million almost, owing to the fact that people in America abstain from their normal business activity that day.

This day has a certain amount of fear engraved into the hearts of Americans. However there is no proof as to why this day should not be considered in the same line as other days. If you feel the same about this day as non superstitious folk do, then go ahead and treat it like a normal day. There are little chances of you getting struc [...]

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Army Institute of Technology AIT Pune BE Admission Date Form

Army Institute of Technology (AIT Pune)


Bachelor of Engineering (BE)

1.            The eligibility criteria for admission to AIT is published in detail in the Prospectus being made available in February every year.  Brief outline is as below :-
(a)   The applicant must fall into one of the following categories: -

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GIPL GHSEB HSC 12th Science Results 2011 Gujrat Board

Here is update for GSEB Result 2011. GSEB Result 2011 announced. Also called GSEB HSC (Class 12) Science Result 2011, GHSEB GUJCET 2011 Results at 2011 state toppers.

gseb result 2011, gipl, 12th science result gujarat board, gseb 12th results, indiaresult, 12th science result gujarat board

Check here the latest exam results 2011 for GSEB HSC (Class 12) Science Result 2011, GHSEB GUJCET 2011 Results. Students can get their GSEB Result 2011 from the official website at or

Gujarat Secondary Education Board
Offers online results of H.S.C. and S.S.C examinations. Also offers merit list for PTC.

Gujarat Secondary And Higher Secondary Education Board, Gandhinagar
gseb result 2011, hsc result, hsc result gujarat 2011, hsc result 2011, gseb
gseb, 12th science, 12th science result, 12th gujarat board result, gujarat board hsc result 2011


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delhi belly trailer | delhi belly trailer on youtube | delhi belly trailer Online | Delhi Belly - Theatical Trailer - Ft Imran Khan

Tag : delhi belly trailer,delhi belly trailer on youtube,delhi belly trailer Online,Delhi Belly - Theatical Trailer - Ft Imran Khan

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Apocalypse Now: 21st May, 2011 is Our Last Night on Earth (or is it?)

Different people believe different versions of what will happen on May 21st 2011. While some say that the day will mark the return of Jesus Christ as he will be reborn in this world again. There are those who believe that May 21st will mark the final "end of days" where the whole world will meet its doom. Furthermore if you are to believe a follower of Harold Camping's related prophecy, Jesus Christ will be born on earth again on this day but this time he will bring with him the apocalypse in the form of a massive earthquake where only those of great faith will survive.

If you are worried that even one of these predictions may come true and you have a little more than a week to live then you might want to know that these predictions have turned out to be wrong before. Reverend Holding attributed the last prediction going wrong to a mathematical miscalculation. Different cultures have also made predictions over the years. Some have said that almost 90 percent of the predictions made thus far have been made on dates before 2011 which would imminently mean that they all came undone as the human race is still alive and kicking.

More such famous predictions claim that the end of the world is destined not to be on May 21st this year but on December 21st in 2012. While these predictions continue to flow, the question well and truly is, which one would you believe, if you believe them at all?


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कवी ग्रेस व उषातनय

दि.७व८ मार्च रोजी स्टूडिओ एनकाउंटर येथे .........नासिक २००९

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