Saturday, 15 October 2011

Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th October 2011 Written Update

Episode starts with Meenakshi requesting vikram to take her for night show to a romantic movie.Vikaram worried how to go without Mohit & Chavi coming to know.

Suraj,sandhya,bhabo & chaturi are on the way to temple.Suraj's father is tired so bhabo asks him to rest & they leave slippers in front of him to take care & go inside.

Bhabo leaves with chaturi to another darshan & Surya are left alone to go ahead. Suraj asks sandhya whether she is happy with them since wedding & asks her to frankly tell whatever she has in mind tonight.

Both reach inside the temple & suraj is looking lovingly at sandhya, she is looking quite happy & smiles at him.Both do aarthi & look at each other with DABH song in the background.

Sandhya seeks god's blessings & decides to tell her dream of becoming IPS officer to Suraj while suraj prays that sandhya proves to be a good house wife.

Sandhya tries to hit mandir ki ghanti but its not reachable for her & holding Suraj's hand she rings the ghanti.

Surya,bhabo & chaturi return but sandhya's slippers are missing.Bhabo asks her to wear some slipper which is left nearby as there is no other way & the route is tough & cant walk barefoot. Sandhya is hesitant but bhabo forces her to wear.

Just then a women comes & scolds sandhya a lot for stealing her slippers in a place like [...]

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