Friday, 21 October 2011

Choti Bahu Season 2 20th October 2011 Written Episode

Night time, Bak is walking towards Dev's room and thinking that she has to something that Rohan and Radhika doesnt succeed in their plans and she too should do somthing that Dev always thinks good about her, Dev is sitting on the bed and checking the files…Bak removes her bandage from her hand, goes to him and gives him some papers, list of some Ashram that should also be included…Dev notices her wound and ask why didnt she apply medicine on hand, Bak says if she put bandage on her hand then it will be hard to write the list which is important, Dev says how good she's handling the RPhithi, inspite she has got hurt she is taking care of the work…He says to care of herself too otherwise the wound could get worse…Bak says i wont let that happen and she'll go and apply medicine…

Bak before going starts her nautanki to Dev that she's very sorry that she has blamed Radh, and what might be the family members thinking of her now!, "U only tell Dev what should i have done"…when the lookalike of Radh tried to kill me and when Radh tried to kill her a month ago, She is still not able to get out of that shock. She folds her hands and prays to forgive her…Dev gets up goes to her and consouls her saying not to blame herself, she did so much for them…and he says that he'll try to know who tried to kill her…Bak says no need for that as she has spoke to commissioner and he's get the information…Dev comes back to his files, Bak thinks to herself, now i'll see how Radhika and Rohan will seperate me from Dev.

Maheswari comes to Bak's room for confirming that if Radh did try to kill her, Bak asks her if Radh was in house the whole time, Maheswari says she was out of 1hr, she said that she was in ghosala, but nobody saw her there, expect the Balra [...]

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