Friday, 21 October 2011

Na Aana Iss Desh Laado 20th October 2011 Written Episode

Epi starts with the same scene

Ammaji tells the inspector not to harm her son in the jail and the rest she will look out. Inspector says that its not possible and he will do wht he wants. Karan's mother goes inside and gets all their jewelleries and gives it to him and says not to harm Karan. The police falls for it and says that he will not harm him but u cant say anything about the Law and wht would u do for that. The police take Karan. Ammaji in front of Matarani in tears. She says not to harm her family for all the mistakes she has done for Veerpur. Pandit sees all this and prays the same to MataRani. Jhanvi hears the Pandit and asks her wht Ammaji has done. Pandit says the whole history which Jhanvi is shocked to hear and she too prays for Ammaji's forgiveness. She mentions all this to Tanisha and Dia who r equally shocked. Rana happy and explains a new plan in mute to his chamchas. Next day morning Mausam playing with the ball and below the mandir door gets to c a kite. She tries holding it but cant get it. the ladies r busy and not watching Mausam. She opens the mandir door and runs to get the kite. Just then some guy comes and stands behind Mausam. Epi Ends

PreCap:- Mausam screams seeing the shadow behind her and they wrap a shawl on her. Her screams are heard by Ammaji and the clan and run out the mandir.

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