Friday, 7 October 2011

Na Aana Iss Desh Laado 6th October 2011 Written Episode

A baby girl is born 2day

* The epi starts with Suraj's introduction He comes out of the river and few gundas ask him to take liquor and he says that he doesnt touch all that. They tease him and say sarcastic comments. Surya hits all of them badly and all of the run away. He gets a call from someone and says that he is on his way back.

* Tanisha in bad labour pain (For all those who r new to the show Tanisha was Aditya's played by Shresth Kumar girl friend in the UK where he was studying n they were in a live in relationship. She wanted to marry Aditya and the same with him too. But Ammaji never liked her and got the marriage broken off and got him married on the saem day with a top businessman's daughter Ragini. Karan after some months get to meet Tanisha and gets to know her state. He knows that its Aditya's baby but still accepts her with the baby n promoises to look after her thru gud n bad ) The mid wife asks her to push and after alot of struggle she delivers. Its a baby girl but she says the baby is born dead Guys pls do watch the epi. All of the were awesome n emotions well displayed

*Aditya and Ragini are shown. Aditya says that if she was not with him he would never have been able to have the courage to fite against Jogi and his father n they finally consummate their marriage.

* Matarani showers her blessings and after all of them crying alot finally the baby reacts and starts crying. All happy n the Pujari says that the baby has fought death and come to life and that she would be a fighter thru out her life.


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