Friday, 7 October 2011

Saas Bina Sasural 6th October 2011 Written Episode

Part 1:

episode begins at vegetable market where chedi moves to next vendor..he picks up a cauliflower and smells it..vendor tells him that its vegetable and not fruit that needs to be smelt before taking..chedi asks him not to teach him and asks him how much discount will he get upon taking vegetables?vendor tells him that he's supposed to be the cheapest vegetable seller here so no discount..chedi says fine and asks ok what will i get free?vendor says nothing..chedi tells him that in his store if a lady takes a saree she gets blouse piece free, if she takes blouse piece then she gets peticoat material free and if she takes peticoat material then naada free andc leaves from there..he goes to the next vendor and the man gives him coriander free..chedi tells his DIL that we will buy vegetbles from here..the vendor tells him not to buy and that he gave coriander free and asks him to go..chedi takes it and leaves to next..

malti and toasty now understand why dadaji was stopping chedi from coming to the market with them..toasty says that but we are such brainy people that we didnt understand and now we need to bear it..chedi calls for them and they leave..

chedi and his DIL come home..chedi excitedly shows to dadaji all the vegetables that he bought like cabbage by removing all the dirty leaves and then weighing it, peas which was 130 rupees a kilo he bargained and bought for 90 rupees a kilo and brinjal..he begins to tell about it when dadaji asks him first to settle down, have some water and then speak later at night when all return..chedi agrees and says that will telle everyone how he made a lot of profit today in shopping and asks his DIL to take him whenever they are going for [...]

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