Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Balika Vadhu 21st December 2011 written update

Shivani goes to Anandi's school and is happy to see the kids. Shivani talks to Anandi, she tells her that she was told about her marriage and feels bad for her. Anandi says its fine, she is not the only one to have gone through this. She reminisces how she got married at an age when she didn't even know the meaning of marriage. She describes how she grew up in the haveli, how Jagya and her became friends. She says that Jagya started to feel she is not compatible with him once they were adults, she says that there is no point in a relationship that feels like an obligation. Now Jagya is happy and so is she.

Shivani is surprised. She asks Anandi how come she is not angry at Jagya, even though they didn't know anything about marriage, but eventually they did like each other. How can Jagya do this to her. Anandi says what is the point of cursing Jagya, she doesn't feel he alone is not responsible. She feels bal-vivah is the reason for all this misery.

Shivani reveals that she knows Jagat and Gauri very well. Anandi is shocked at first, but then says its good. Shivani and Anandi go to the temple. Shivani keeps looking at Anandi and remembers all the delusional things that Gauri told her about Anandi. She also reflects on all the truth revealed by Bhairav and the mature way that Anandi has accepted Jagya's betrayal. She thinks to herself that she has learnt a good lesson after coming here that education is not important, one's mental maturity is what makes a person great.

Shivani bids goodbye to everyone at the haveli. Sumitra packs a lot of sweets for Shivani. Anandi gifts her an idol of Kanha jee. Shivani tells Anandi that she is very happy to have met her. She hugs Anandi and blesses her and leaves.

At night, Anandi remembers her conversation with Shivani regarding Jagya. She wonders aloud if Jagya doesn't even remember her anymore . She wonders if he was eve [...]

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