Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Sasural Genda Phool 21st December 2011 written update

Ishaan talking to Radha-Bua(RB) about BP's Fraud. Ishaan wants to talk to Bm but its Late so he says he'll call her tomorrow. Suhana calls saying "Yeay, you know we kicked BP out" t which Ishaan says "So? why do you tell me? i am not a member remember?" and cuts the call. But then he realizes it was a bit rude so he thinks of apologizing but then Sona enters all crying and shivering. She asks for Ishaan's help as Abhi will kill her Now and tells Ishaan all about how he had Tied her with rope and Locked her.

BM has finally shifted to her Original room. RB says " I know your not upset over him, but Panna & Inder ke tevar dekh ke Dar gayi thi". BM says we should take care of Dada-Dadi now . Suhana comes with Pillow to sleep in BM's room. Suhana hugs her and says How much she missed this Moment. they talk about Ishaan's Naarazgi and again she calls him but he Rejects the call. BM says "ishwar didn't fight, Argue or was Mad at her because he never Loved me but Ishaan loves you".

Sona does not want to near Abhi. Ishaan says "Tumse acchi meri BM hai, she rejected BP in front of all her family and you being a Modern girl cannot do anything". Ishaan tells her to stay over for tonight.

Dada tears off Ishwar's Letters while Dadi is looking at him. Dadi remembers how when she was Pregnant with Ishwar, and she fell from stairs, If that day had she gotten into Abortion then that would have been better for her and for everyone. and says "He's an insult to my Mamta(motherhood). Now how will she Face Shailaja after all this. She gave birth to a Raavan.

Sona can neither stay at some hotel as Abhi will find her there and nor stay at Ishaan's place as Suhana will come to know. Bijlani comes but Sona hides and Bijlani finds Sona's Hand-bag to which Ishaan makes some Excuse as to its Suhan [...]

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