Saturday, 31 December 2011

Uttaranchal Gramin Bank Office Assistant Exam., 2011

General English 

(Held on 10-4-2011)

Directions—(Q. 1 to 12) Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. Certain words are printed in bold to help you to locate them while answering some of the question—

One of the boys in a small village was sent out to the fields to look after some sheep. He was instructed bye the villagers to mind the sheep and take care of them. 'Don't let them stray,' said the villagers to him. "And keep a good look out for the wolves. Don't go far away', and if you see a wolf coming near the sheep; shout out 'wolf!' as loudly as you can and we will come at once to help you." 'All right!' said the boy, 'I will be careful.' So every morning he drove his sheep out to the hillside and watched them all day. And when evening came, he drove them home again. But after a few days he got rather tired of this lonely life. Nothing happened and no wolves came. So one afternoon he said to himself. "These villagers have given me a very useless job. I think I will play a trick on them, just for fun."

So he got up and began shouting as loudly as he co [...]

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